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Online Undergraduate Certificate Program in
Immigration & Diaspora Studies

School: Missional College  //  Study Area: Serving Among Cultural Difference

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Undergraduate Certificate in
Immigration & Diaspora Studies?


The Undergraduate Certificate in Immigration & Diaspora Studies is a humanities-based interdisciplinary certificate program introducing students to the tools to study, encounter, and engage with immigrants, internationals and refugees across the globe. Through the program students gain the following capabilities:

    • ability to relate the biblical and theological foundations of God's plan for global redemption throughout the Old and New Testament to the missional mandate within various cultures
    • ability to apply a theological understanding of how God has worked toward, with and through people in diaspora in their biblical and historical contexts to contemporary immigration, refugee, and justice issues
    • ability to evaluate and articulate how globalization has influenced contemporary migration by broadening who migrates and where migrants go, the role of social networks and cultural capital in facilitating migration, and the factors that affect reception, settlement, incorporation, and return
    • competency in creating contextually-appropriate missional responses for various refugee and voluntary migration scenarios
    • competency in interacting with diaspora peoples who face issues in identity formation, adaptation and accultration issues in local contexts
    • competency in reaching out to a specific diaspora population, solidifying their vision for diaspora ministry, developing an implementaton plan, and putting it into practice

Refugee and immigrant service organizations provide a wide range of programs and services for the diaspora community including resettlement help for refugees and special immigrant visa holders, assistance for asylum seekrs, aid to recently arrived immigrant children and youth, immigration legal services, English as a second language training, interpreting services, and outreach to international students. The Undergraduate Certificate in Immigration & Diaspora Studies equips students to serve immigrants, internationals and refugees by developing competencies that lead to programs and services to aid immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers that affects their reception, settlement and incorporation into their new country. Students are taught to approach their role among diaspora peoples from a God-centered prespective, joining the mission of God in the lives of those in their community.

Program Features

  • Integrated practicums allow you to gain valuable real-world experience
  • Learn from academic practitioners from around the world
  • Credits earned in this certificate program can apply to a Missional University Bachelor completion program

Course Effort

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Course Length

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Credits Required

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Program Cost

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What Will I Study?

We offer the most comprehensive approach to serving immigrants & refugees in the mission of God.

When Can I Get Started?

We offer multiple start dates each year to give you flexibility in your education, life and work schedules.






A Career in Navigating Cultural Difference

Is this Your Mission?

Immigration Advisor, Immigration Caseworker, Immigration Consultant, Immigration Coordinator, Immigration Counselor, Immigration Specialist, Immigrant Rights Organizer, Immigration Services Manager, Immigration Services and Education Organizer, Refugee Foster Care Case Manager, Refugee Ministry Coordinator, Refugee Rescue Coordinator, Refugee Resettlement Case Manager, Refugee Services Case Manager, Refugee Support Caseworker, Refugee Worker


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How Much Will it Cost?

We offer tuition based upon country of residence.  According to the Human Development Index, all countries around the world fall into one of four categories:
  • (Tier 1) - Very High Human Development
  • (Tier 2) High Human Development
  • (Tier 3) Medium Human Development
  • (Tier 4) Low Human Development
Our tiered global tuition makes higher education affordable for everyone world wide.


100% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


80% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


60% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


40% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course

Tiered tuition based on country of origin and scholarships available.  Find your country of residence here for more information.
Tuition may be further reduced by participating in the Sponsorship Program.