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Online Graduate Certificate in
Forced Migration & Human Trafficking

⚜   Rarely Offered in Christian Universities, Bible Colleges or Seminaries

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Graduate Certificate in
Forced Migration & Human Trafficking?


This 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Forced Migration and Human Trafficking provides knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied by community ministry leaders, immigration case workers, social justice workers, pastors, medical and health professionals, educators, human services professionals, social workers, members of law enforcement, and others who work with people in crisis. This credential empowers you to serve your community, broaden your skillset and enhance your resume. Taught by Christian experts in public theology, migration studies, criminal investigation and law enforcement, the program equips students to demonstrate the love of God and the righteousness of God by advocating for justice, caring for those who are hurting, and sharing the good news of redemption, restoration, and renewal.

Human trafficking is a form of slavery. According to the US State Department's 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, a staggering 24.9 million people world wide have lost their freedom and human dignity through human trafficking. Furthermore, the US State Department estimates that 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the US each year from other countries. However, hundreds of thousands more are subject to American inter-state trafficking. In the United States, victims of trafficking are almost exclusively immigrants, and mostly immigrant women. The average age of trafficking victims in the U.S. is 20. According to Forbes, human trafficking is a pandemic of the 21st century. "Human trafficking is a crime in itself but it is rarely the end goal for the perpetrators. Once the act of human trafficking is complete, it normally leads to further crimes like enslavement, sexual violence and physical violence, among other forms of abuse." Missional leaders are needed in Christian mission entities, nonprofits & NGOs, schools, churches and church groups across the globe to combat this global pandemic.

Program Features

  • Integrated practicums allow you to gain valuable real-world experience
  • Learn from academic practitioners from around the world
  • Credits earned in this certificate program can apply to a Missional University Master's degree program

Course Effort

hours per week

Course Length

Week Terms

Credits Required

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Program Cost

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What Will I Study?

We offer the most comprehensive approach to confronting exploitation in the mission of God.

When Can I Get Started?

We offer multiple start dates each year to give you flexibility in your education, life and work schedules.






A Career in Transforming Communities

Is this Your Mission?

Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager, Anti-Trafficking & Outreach Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking Outreach Specialist, Anti-Human Trafficking Shelter Program Director, Anti-Human Trafficking Program Director, Anti-Trafficking Advocate, Anti-Trafficking Specialist, Community Advocate, Director of Survivor Services, Health Specialist in Prostitution and Human Trafficking Intervention, Human Trafficking Advocate, Human Trafficking and Forced Labor Policy Administrator, Human Trafficking Case Manager, Human Trafficking Coordinator, Human Trafficking Outreach Coordinator, Human Trafficking Prevention Officer, Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, Human Trafficking Program Manager, Human Trafficking Services Coordinator, Human Trafficking Specialist, Human Trafficking Survivor Coordinator, Human Trafficking Specialist, Human Trafficking Trainer, Human Trafficking Victims Advocate, Legal Officer Counter-Trafficking Specialist, Police Affairs Officer / Adviser on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Program Coordinator for Combating Human Trafficking, Projects Officer-Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking, Research Officer-Focus on Labour Exploitation, Social Media Manager for Human Trafficking Initiative, Social Worker/Case Worker for Rape Crisis/Human Trafficking, Support Worker for Victims of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking, Survivor Care Social Worker, Team Lead Anti-Human Trafficking, Trafficking Case Manager, Trafficking in Persons Advocate, Trafficking in Persons Lead Case Manager, Trafficking Intervention Coordinator, Trafficking Specialist, Youth Outreach Manager, Victim Advocate



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How Much Will it Cost?

We offer tuition based upon country of residence.  According to the Human Development Index, all countries around the world fall into one of four categories:
  • (Tier 1) - Very High Human Development
  • (Tier 2) High Human Development
  • (Tier 3) Medium Human Development
  • (Tier 4) Low Human Development
Our tiered global tuition makes higher education affordable for everyone world wide.


100% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


80% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


60% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


40% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course

Tiered tuition based on country of origin and scholarships available.  Find your country of residence here for more information.
Tuition may be further reduced by participating in the Sponsorship Program.