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Studying the Biblical Text

School: Theological Studies  //  Study Area: Studying the Biblical Test

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Studying the
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Influential South African missiologist and theologian, David Bosch, contends that isolated Scipture passages should not determine mission, rather the central messsage of Scripture itself is the story of the redemptive mission of God in the world. Indeed it is the recognition of this story that provides the connection of the biblical concept of the kingdom of God to salvation history, world history, and the restoration of all creation. Thus the School of Theological Studies @ Missional University approaches the scripture from the perspective of empowering students to see their personal story within the overarching story of God's grace and mission. From the pages of the scripture, students learn to answer the question: what is the mission of God in our world and what is my role in it? Biblical studies trace the theme of God's redemptive work in our world from Genesis to Revelation and provide students with ways to see God at work all around them in everyday life so they can join Him at work in their family, neighborhood, community and across the world.