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Online Undergraduate Certificate in
Digital Media & Storytelling

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Undergraduate Certificate in
Digital Media & Storytelling?


The Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Media & Storytelling teaches influencers of all types, especially communicators, fundraisers, journalists, and ministry leaders, how to employ the power of effective storytelling to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills in content creation, curation, branding communication and media strategies through telling compelling stories.

The scripture embodies the overarching story of God reaching out to redeem, reconcile, restore and renew creation. As we join in that mission of God, our personal story and the stories of the organizations we serve become a part of the metanarrative of God's work in the world. Missional University's Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Media & Storytelling grounds storytelling in the Biblical story to enable graduates to harnass the power of story for the strategic benefit of faith-based organizations such as mission entities, nonprofits & NGOs, schools, churches and church groups.

Program Features

  • Integrated practicums allow you to gain valuable real-world experience
  • Learn from academic practitioners from around the world
  • Credits earned in this certificate program can apply to a Missional University Bachelor degree program

Course Effort

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Program Cost

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What Will I Study?

We offer the most comprehensive approach to serving through media in the mission of God.

Will introduce students to the Biblical basis for storytelling as an effective way to communicate. Both Old and New Testaments examples will be explored and compared. Oral cultures will be examined. The student will then be able to develop a theology of storytelling that is culturally appropriate.

This introductory course provides an overview of the history, function, and meaning of mass media. The course will also introduce critical/theoretical concepts for analyzing mass media. Students will study various media forms and come to an understanding about how each medium shapes our social context, experience, and perception.

Explores the artistic and technological aspects of communication through design in an increasingly digital world. Students will develop the skills needed to design language and emotion through topics including tv, films, social media communication, and values in the new digital world. Gain experience in applied learning through varied coursework.

Exploring the power of story and its impact on narrative in contemporary cultures. This course introduces students to the nature, structure, and operations of story, as well as the functions of narrative in societies and cultures. It will also increase the ability to identify, create, manipulate and understand narrative. This skill is not only necessary for self-presentation but also profoundly valuable in all professions.

In the last two decades we've seen an electronic messaging evolution driven by the expansion of advanced technological devices. This "new media" use graphical interfaces to enable a new literacy of symbols, icons, color and images that supersedes text in the transference of meaning. This shift brings focus to the power in the visual communication, and the need for education on visual literacy. This course presents the fundamentals of visual communication and provides a context for understanding the subject matter in historical and present day applications.

This course examines conceptual issues regarding computer-mediated and mobile communication in local and global contexts. We will look at emerging forms of new media, such as the Internet, mobile media, social media, as well as video games, and theorize about their development.

This course investigates how narrative can be effectively applied in a range of contexts and across multiple media platforms to achieve specific goals. Students explore the opportunities of storytelling with regard to audience engagement, branding and successful marketing, and apply their learning to demonstrate proficiency in developing their own stories.

Optional Additional Courses

This is an introduction to the process of writing for varied media with an emphasis on gathering information, writing styles, editing, and organization of written communication. The course will explore the role of audience and the particular medium in influencing the writing and editing of communication for various media. Students will discuss topics from their readings along with practical editing and writing assignments, including basic newspaper article editing, as well as magazine article writing. Students also will review and write copy targeted for online delivery.

Quality news writing and reporting entails a number of foundational principles and skills. The journalist must be able to identify biases and aim for objectivity so that news writing and reporting avoids editorializing and propaganda. This course introduces students to the function of good news reporting in the media, gives an overview of the news industry and assists students in becoming fair and unbiased reporters. It also gives special attention to the role of Christian media in the life of the global church.

This course will examine different approaches to global media and cultures. It will highlight the limitations of a Eurocentric approach by examining the dynamics of structural forces and human agency reflected in global media. It will also discuss the relationship between globalization and Christianity.

When Can I Get Started?

We offer multiple start dates each year to give you flexibility in your education, life and work schedules.






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How Much Will it Cost?

We offer tuition based upon country of residence.  According to the Human Development Index, all countries around the world fall into one of four categories:
  • (Tier 1) - Very High Human Development
  • (Tier 2) High Human Development
  • (Tier 3) Medium Human Development
  • (Tier 4) Low Human Development
Our tiered global tuition makes higher education affordable for everyone world wide.


100% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course


80% Tuition


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3 credit course


60% Tuition


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3 credit course


40% Tuition


per credit hour


3 credit course

Tiered tuition based on country of origin and scholarships available.  Find your country of residence here for more information.
Tuition may be further reduced by participating in the Sponsorship Program.