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Tomorrow's Leaders Increase Their Capacity Through Working with Others

Missional University is focused on helping its partners increase their ability to serve. It is our hope to help faith-based organizations to grow beyond their current capacity and increase their capabilities by connecting them with like-minded believers all over the world.

We are driven to connect believers globally and help them expand their missional footprint for the kingdom of God. A partnership with Missional University provides networking and training opportunities that could help shape their organizations missionally as they nurture students through practicums, internships, and mentorships.

Through a Missional University partnership, our partners are connected to an almost endless network of Christian ministries around the world. Even more impressive is the training Missional University provides to help maximize the influence of those network partnerships. We expose their staff to biblical and missional concepts that enable breakthroughs and expansions of the mission God has called them to accomplish.

Join others in nurturing a global tidal wave of missional education. 



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Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand

Since the beginning of the 20th century, northeastern Thailand has been generally known as Isan. Missional University is working with several partners to give students internship opportunities in eighteen different degree program areas.

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Thessaloniki, Greece

A major site of early Christianity, today Thessaloniki is a significant city with a rich history of religious and secular diversity. Missional University partners with indigenous and expatriate Christian organizations in the metro area.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A metro area of 4+ million and an important center of commerce, art, and culture, Montreal is home to ethnic and racial diversity and the 2nd highest number of consulates in North America. MU partners to impact the city in several ways.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A metro area of almost 5 million, Melbourne rates highly in education, entertainment, and health care. In recent years Greater Melbourne's irreligious community has grown to be one of the largest in Oceania. MU partners with ministry organizations in their post-Christian environment.

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Portland, Maine, USA

A historic seacoast town with a working waterfront, loads of galleries in the Arts District and distinctive neighorhoods, Greater Portland is home to 33% of Maine's population. MU in partnership with local ministries serve in a post-Christian setting.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

As a gateway to Bangladesh, Kolkata is the commercial and educational center of East India with a population of 4.6 million. A major Hindu center, MU partners with Christian organization in several degree program areas.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

With significant cultural diversity, Philadelphia is a city with a large concentration of college students and the largest amount of public art. MU partners with organizations in the city to promote reconciliation and renewal.

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Prague, Czech Republic

The historical political, cultural and economic center of Central Europe, today Prague has only 14% identifying with any church or religious body, Prague is one of the least religious cities in the world. MU partners with the many international, evangelical ministries in the city.

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Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

The cultural and economic center of East India, the city is one of India's fastest-developing cities. It boasts a Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain heritage that produced some of the finest Kalingan temples. MU partners with indigenous and expat missional organizations.

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North Africa

With a major Islamic presence, Christians have limited access to most of the countries in Northern Africa. However, MU partners with organizations that serve in several different program areas related to humanitarian aid, global health, etc.

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Clarkston, Georgia, USA

A city noted for its ethnic diversity, Clarkston is often referred to as the "most diverse square mile in America" and the "Ellis Island of the South." MU partners with Christian organizations ministering among immigrants and refugees.

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Accra, Ghana

The capital city of 2+ million is a city of contrasts - from the new Google AI Lab to 265 identified slums - where significant social, environmental, economic and spiritual issues abound. MU partners with Christian organizations to address these issues.

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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Santa Cruz is an important business center and major economic hub with many expatriates. With 8% Evangelical Protestant presence, MU partners with faith-based organizations to minister in the midst of great economic inequality.

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ChristChurch, New Zealand

Having suffered thousands of earthquakes, much of the city of ChristChurch had been devastated. Today, the city combines urban regeneration and innovation with heritage and culture. MU partners with missional organizations.

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