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Approach a Foundation

Missional University seeks funding from charitable/philanthropic foundations to support core campus goals, including scholarships, faculty research, and strategic initiatives. The Advancement Team supports campus priorities by:

  • Researching and evaluating potential funding organizations
  • Matching donor interest with MU programs and projects
  • Preparing or reviewing letters of intent and grant applications
  • Cultivating relationships with prospective donors
  • Maintaining close relationships with current donors



Please note: If you are seeking funding from a foundation that only supports 501(c)3 charitable organizations, your proposal must be reviewed by a member of the Advancement Team and submitted on behalf of the MU Foundation. If you have questions about any of these topics, please contact the Advancement Team representative.

Our staff welcomes inquiries from faculty, staff, or students considering applying for foundation funding. Before contacting us, please follow these steps:


  • Share your intention to seek outside foundation funding with your dean, supervisor, or faculty advisor.
  • Conduct initial research to find a foundation whose mission aligns with your project.
  • Please consult the Advancement team before approaching a foundation.