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The Missional University Annual Fund is a major fundraising initiative that seeks donations from friends, and families and partners who are passionate about mobilizing a new generation of missional leaders.

These annual unrestricted gifts sustain every part of the MU experience including supporting students, instruction, research, and innovation. The Annual Fund also supports the infrastructure for our online classrooms and labs, tutoring, the centers, and our eCampus capabilities,

The beauty of the Missional University Annual Fund lies in its extraordinary flexibility: it enables us to address the most pressing needs of the university and seize new opportunities as they arise. Each year, the Annual Fund ensures that we fulfill our promise to provide the best missionally-focused, educational experience in the world,

Support the MU experience today - below is information detailing ways that you can support Missional University today.

If you have questions concerning your philanthropic designation, please contact the Office of Development at (803) 618-1328 ext 150.


Call our program director

at 803-618-1328 ext 150




Make your check out to

"Missional University"

Mailing address:
Missional University
P. O. Box 6752
North Augusta, SC 29861


Make a new gift to Annual Fund


How do I know that it is MU calling me?
All outbound fundraising calls originate from the MU phone number:  803-618-1328. All Annual Fund phone calls will show up on your caller ID as 803-618-1328.
How secure is giving my credit card information online?

n short, it's very secure! Credit card information is taken over the phone by a supervisor who has been fingerprinted and background checked. Information is entered over a secure connection and the Annual Fund has never once had a case of credit card theft.

Where does my money go?

The Annual Fund raises money for a variety of funds. If your goal is simply to support MU then your gift will go to a general fund which supports the most immediate campus needs. If you have a specific area or passion that you would like to support you can do so by choosing one of the areas list on the right.

Why haven't I received a call or email already?

The most likely reason is that we do not have your most up to date contact information. If you would like to update your information you can do so by contacting the Advancement team by email at or by phone at 803-618-1328 ext 150.

How can I stop receiving phone calls or emails?

If you would like us to stop calling you please pick up and let the caller on the line know. You may also call our Advancement team at 803-618-1328 ext 150 and ask to have your number removed or emailing to cease. Please leave your name and the number or email address that we are contacting as clear as possible on the voicemail if nobody picks up. You may also opt out of the emails. You still have the option to give online.


The best part of giving to Missional University? Our donors get to choose where the money goes. And there are lots of incredible causes at this university of ours.


By supporting the causes at MU that you care about most, you’re not only helping to make the University the best it can be for students and faculty—you’re also doing your part to cultivate a tidal wave of global missional education.

So browse through the list of causes below, find one that you’re passionate about, and give to equip and empower a new generation of grassroots missional leaders across the globe!