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Humanity lives in a complex and fluid tapestry of languages and cultures. In the 21st century this complexity and rate of change has increased with the advent of global digital technologies, globalization trends, urbanization and migrations. The Department of Digital Journalism & Global Media Studies empowers students with abilities to tell stories through information and understanding of human cultures.


Why Digital Information Technologies?

Missional living is strengthened as social sciences are used to improve communication and the Bible provides the foundation of reliable and accurate insights about human nature and the nature of the Christian message. Cultural studies in the special areas of linguistics, history, anthropology, sociology and the Christian scriptures can move students to confidently observe and connect understandably with the particular people with whom they want to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  


Why Missional University?

Cultural Studies at Missional University are based on the six core values of the University:


Biblically Based:

The missional task of the church to make Christian disciples of all the nations (Matt. 28:18-20) is discovered in God's revelation. The culmination of God's self-revelation came in Jesus Christ. He modelled cultural understanding and sensitivity, emptying himself and taking on human form. To rightly understand the message and the means of Christian mission, we start with study of the Bible. 


Missionally Driven:

While all knowledge is God's, it is not necessarily all employed in the mission of the church. The focus of this department is using cultural studies to advance the good news of Jesus Christ so that people may come to saving faith in him and begin the adventure of eternal life according to his good plans.  


Interculturally Focused:

Recognizing the natural tendency to provincialism and ethnocentrism, this department makes the conscious effort to continuously look beyond the borders. Cultural studies therefore take into consideration both the near neighbor and those who may live at a great distance in very different circumstances.   


Contextually Informed:

Context requires decoding and encoding in the sense that communication patterns are not universal. Learning how to make the universal truth of God's love and offer of salvation in the Messiah Jesus requires constant awareness of local contexts.  


Practically Minded:

While Missional University values scholarship for the sake of enriching our shared human understanding of life, the expectation is for students to use this knowledge in serving in God's mission through proclamation of the good news and making disciples of all the nations.  


Experientially Transformed:

University study has both an objective and subjective dimension. Acquiring good understanding of culture should impact students personally, bringing them into a greater love for God and their neighbors both near and far.