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Welcome to the School of Missional Practice @ Missional University

The School of Missional Practice equips followers of Jesus, churches, and church leaders to engage the mission of God with all of who they are in direct connection with all of what they do. You will develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Comprehending how biblical reflection and missional action shape all of life
  • Embracing the task of coherently presenting the gospel in our complex world
  • Beginning to create environments of belonging that lead to believing by nurturing gospel-shaped community.
  • Experiencing the life-changing presence of Jesus Christ as your own life and the lives of those far from God are dramatically transformed by the gospel.
  • Discovering how to join Jesus on the margins of people’s lives, in the places of their greatest need, through self-donating practices.

God becomes a tangible reality when individuals and congregations join Christ as servants in his world. The School of Missional Practice will train you to see God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

The School of Missional Practice has programs that lead to a Certificate in Missional Ministry, an Associate of Missional Ministry degree, a Bachelor of Missional Ministry (completion) degree, and a Master of Missional Ministry, Master of International Business Mission and Master of International Sports Management Mission degrees. We also offer a Doctor of Missional Ministry degree program. We desire to see every graduate become equipped to join God’s mission to transform people and places through Jesus Christ, as well as to mobilize others to also engage in God’s mission. God’s gracious invitation to the church is to join him in that mission of redemption -- the School of Missional Ministry will teach you how.


Uniqueness of the School of Missional Practice

Unique Programs
  • 54% Totally Unique
  • 9% Rarely Offered
  • 28% Similar to Others
  • 9% Same as Others
International Experience

75% of Faculty

Seminary Degrees

85% of Faculty

Doctorate Degrees

95%+ of Faculty with Accredited Doctorates


Quick Facts


Number of Departments:  5

Number of Dual Enrollment Programs:  3

Number of Undergraduate Certificates Programs:  6

Number of Associate Programs:  9

Number of Bachelor Programs:  15

Number of Master's Programs:  13

Number of Faculty Members:  20