Missional University provides affordable, online, Christian missional training for grassroots leaders in diverse cultural contexts across the globe. We prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who join the mission of God in diverse communities by incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate ministry skills while seeking the spiritual transformation of people and communities that connects all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language.

Our curriculum focuses on service learning and experiential learning. We combine learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience where you learn by doing. Courses at Missional University also incorporate “learning through reflection on doing.” Opportunities in your field of interest provide valuable experiential learning which will contribute significantly to your overall understanding of the real vocational environment. This experience enables you to consider what works or not, and to think about ways to improve on your next experiences. Each new experience is informed by a cycle of previous experiences that include both thought and reflection.

Experiential Learning at Missional University is called “Study Beyond Experience”. We have designed a number of different types of experiential learning experiences that are incorporated at different points in every degree program:

Integrated within a course, observation assignments provide students opportunity to observe and reflect upon course content as seen practiced by career related professionals.

Integrated within a course, practicums provide students opportunity to practice or implement concurrent course learning.

A period of practical experience & training for a student that is supervised by an expert or specialist in a particular field of practice.

A period of guidance, direction and support by an expert or specialist focusing on personal and professional growth and development.

A multifaceted project that serves as a final academic experience that demonstrates the student’s mastery of the program content and practices.

Introduction and practice in statistical and ethnographic research methods in an applied research project,

A final project or portfolio demonstration that documents competency in the knowledge and skills of a specific subject area.

A final academic paper that documents the results of a demonstration project of research that indicates the student’s mastery of the program material.