Missional University Creates a New Paradigm
in Christian Higher Education

All Christians are called to join in the mission of God wherever they are. While many may serve God locally, others will be called to move to other geographic areas to serve in missional ministry roles. Whether following the call to remain at home in their Jerusalem or moving away to a Judea or the uttermost parts of the world (Acts 1:8), all who join in the mission of God would be more effective in their missional role if they had sound and supportive theological and missional training.

Although Christian Liberal Arts Universities continue their historic emphasis on education with a Christian worldview with varying success, they neglect to place the mission of God as the central core to their curriculum. Additionally, they fail to place a Biblical theology of mission as the foundation for Christian higher education.

Pure Bible Colleges primarily focus on Bible and ministry education. Moreover, in today’s rapidly changing world, many historic Bible colleges face declining enrollments. Some attempt to create hybrids with ideas paralleling Christian Liberal Arts Universities in order to expand their offerings. Often, they are supported by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. But they too neglect to place the mission of God in the world as central to their educational mission.

Theological Seminaries, which are usually supported by the Association for Theological Schools, continue their denominational and ecclesiastical mandates to provide training for clergy in primarily institutional church roles. Their focus on the institutional church often leads to a lack of emphasis on the mission of God and missional theology that undergirds it.

Therefore, Missional University is designed to  primarily focus on those aspects of practical theology that support persons in non-Institutional Church roles.  Instead we focus on lay missional ministry education and equip professional clergy in missional ministry areas that are often omitted in their theological education.
With this new paradigm in Christian higher education, Missional University provides an innovative approach to theological and ministry education that focuses on participation in the mission of God in this world.    

So What Exactly is Missional Ministry Education at Missional University?

A 21st century, missional university for roles in faith-based organizations and in community service at points of human need.

A new kind of seminary that recognizes all of God’s people (lay and clergy) are called into mission in the world.