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About Missional University

An innovative approach to religious and theological education, Missional University helps Christian believers make a greater impact in their churches, organizations and communities through education that is rooted in the mission of God in this world.  This university is redefining how Christian lay people and clergy professionals learn through an engaging online classroom where missional leaders can maximize their giftedness and update their craft while preparing for the next steps in their calling. Students connect with expert faculty members from around the world who are ministry practitioners with missional experience and expertise. You might say, Missional University is a 21st century missional ministry tech school to equip Christian believers to serve in the mission of God.  Missional University offers two types of programs:

1) those programs that equip Christian believers to serve in faith-based organizations including Christian social ministries, churches, denominational groups, mission agencies and other para-church organizations in various missional capacities; and

2) those programs that equip Christian believers to live out their sacred missional calling in secular arenas where their missional ministry brings them into contact with people at their point of need.

Who We Are

Missional University is the division of the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry that provides grassroots missional and theological training.  The schools within the university work together to share faculty, courses, and programs to offer a greater breadth of training to church leaders and members at large.

Missional University trains Christian believers to serve as missional leaders in faith-based organizations.  They will serve in various capacities as communication specialists, community missionaries, missional strategists, missional coaches, church planters, and lay and clergy leaders.

While a large number of seminaries and bible colleges exist to train people for institutional church positions, there is very little ministry training that places the mission of God and our role in that mission in the community as a central focus.

Missional University provides online training for missional leaders.  Beginning in January 2019, we plan to offer Undergraduate Certificates, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Completion Degree programs, Graduate Certificates and Masters Degrees.  

Mission of Missional University

To prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who will join the mission of God in diverse communities by:

  • incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate ministry skills

  • seeking the transformation of people and communities

  • connecting all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language

Missionally-Driven Curriculum

At Missional University, missionality -- the quality of living life from a missional perspective -- is core to everything that we teach.  The curriculum at Missional University equips Christian believers for roles in missional ministry -- Christian ministry that is based on missiology.  In Christianity, ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith. This is distinguished from the "office of minister" who serves in a clergy role in the institutional church.  "Missiology" has been defined as:

Missiology is the area of practical theology that investigates the mandate, message, and mission of the Christian church, especially the nature of missionary work.[1] Missiology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural field of study incorporating theology, anthropology, history, geography,  theories and methods of communication,  comparative religion, Christian apologetics, education methodology, and interdenominational relations.[2]

Each of the schools/colleges at MU builds upon the missional, intercultural, contextual framework of our core values to create courses designed to equip Christian believers for missional ministry. We offer degrees in Intercultural Studies, World Religions, Missional Practice, Community Ministry, Communication, Ecological Mission and Global Heathcare Mission and Theological Studies.  

[1]   [2]

Missionally-Driven Faculty
with about 30% of Faculty with Mission Related Degrees

While not every faculty person can be trained in missiology -- the study of the mission of God in this world and the Christian believer's role in it -- we endeavor to incorporate as many people as we can with this training and expertise.  Below is a list of faculty with degrees in missions, missiology, intercultural studies, or closely related areas.

More than 75% of our professors have international experience doing mission work in various countries around the world.  Our faculty teach online and are geographically distributed across the US, Canada, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Kennedy Adarkwa Missional College PhD Evangelism Southwestern Seminary
Dr. John Amandola Missional Practice DMin Missional Church Palmer Seminary
Prof. Tiffany Boykin Community Ministry MDiv Missions Interdenominational Theological Center
Dr. Samuel Dira Missional College PhD Anthropology Washington State University
Dr. Eduardo Docampo Missional College DMin Missions Administration Golden Gate Seminary
Dr. Gary Fujino Missional College PhD Diaspora Studies Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Dr. Karen Hatley Missional Practice MDiv Missions/World Christianity Truett Seminary
Dr. Vinod John Theological Studies PhD Evangelization Studies Asbury Seminary
Dr. Thomas Law Missional College DMin Missions Southwestern Seminary
Dr. Ignatius Meimaris Missional Practice DMin Cross-cultural Studies Gordon-Conwell Seminary
Dr. Alemayehu Mekonnen Missional College PhD Intercultural Studies Fuller Seminary
Dr. Matthew Michael College of Africa BA Missions ECWA Seminary (Jos, Nigeria)
Dr. James Mitchell Creative Expression PhD Ethnomusicology MacQuarrie University (Australia)
Dr. Noemi Montiel Creative Expression DMA Ethnodoxology Southwestern Seminary
Dr. Paul Neeley Creative Expression PhD Ethnomusicology University of Ghana
Dr. George Terry Missional College PhD World Christian Studies Southwestern Seminary
Dr. Curt Watke Missional College PhD Missions & Evangelism Southwestern Seminary

A Premier Academic Administrative Team

Dr. Curt Watke is the President of Missional University and Executive Director of the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry.  As a missiologist he has conducted sociocultural research across communities in North America.  As a consultant and speaker, he regularly speaks to denominational executives on intercultural and contextual issues and has trained pastors on three continents. He has served churches in pastoral ministry in Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania and trained church planters who started postmodern Anglo-phone, Chinese, and Portuguese-language churches in Canada. He holds two masters degrees and a doctorate with a double major in both missiology and in the history of evangelism.  As the president of Missional University, he leads a global, diverse faculty in the development of curriculum that is interculturally-focused, contextually-informed and missionally-driven to meet the needs of grassroots missional ministry leaders across the world.

Our Academic Administration is led by our Provost, Dr. Steven Ibbotson, who comes to MU with more than 20 years of experience in higher education and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University.  As Provost he leads the curriculum and program development in collaboration with the academic deans.  He has also begun preparing for the accreditation process.

Schools & Colleges for the Developed World 

The Academic Deans of the five schools in Missional University each bring background to their position that uniquely prepares them to lead their faculties in teaching excellence in their particular fields.  With both a J.D. and Ph.D. in leadership, Dr. Carol Olsen brings her missional and legal experience to bear in leading the intercultural focus of The Missional College.  Embracing ethnically-inclusive missional congregational and planting experience, the School of Missional Practice train students how to produce gospel-centered communities that embody an incarnational witness.  With her years in social work, Navy Chaplaincy, and local church ministry, Prof. Tiffany Boykin leads the School of Community Ministry to equip students to demonstrate the love of Christ through being a Christian witness in service within their communities.  As a missionary kid growing up in Chile , Dr. Terry Coy learned missions first hand from his parents. He has combined his Spanish language and bicultural understanding with his PhD in theology to train and equip church planters in both North and South America.  His sensitivity to relating the scripture and cultural context sets an example for the diverse theological faculty at Missional University.

Colleges for the Developing World 

Missional University is facilitating international indigenous education across the globe through the development of three distinct colleges.  Each college has a core of faculty who are both academically and practically qualified to teach some aspect of missional ministry, but who are also either indigenous to or experienced in that region of the world. These colleges include:

Theological College of Africa

The Theological College will deliver courses at four educational levels: primary education (about 4th-6th grade reading level); secondary education (about 8th-10th grade level); and undergraduate and graduate levels.  Dr. Matthew Michael, former Academic Dean at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria, will serve as the Academic Dean. The faculty will consist of a core of credentialed professors who reside in African countries who have a passion for integrating mission studies into every aspect of the curriculum. Additional faculty with experience in Africa will join the team to provide a full curriculum of theological, missiological, ministry, communication and community ministry courses.  The Theological College of Africa will partner with existing evangelical, theological institutions, ministries and churches in Africa and beyond to provide missional ministry training across the Anglophone African countries and to the African Diaspora spread across the globe.

Theological College of Asia

With the extraordinarily large missional training needs among Christian believers in Asia and immigrants from Asia in other countries around the world, Missional University rejoices in the plans for contextually relevant education through the online Theological College of Asia. The Theological College of Asia will deliver courses at primary (about 6th-8th grade level), secondary (10th - 12th grade level), undergraduate and graduate educational levels to meet the needs of Asian Christian believers for quality missional education. Dr. Vinod John, a native of northern India, has taught at four theological institutions in India, graduated from two seminaries in India, and completed a PhD in Mission & Evangelization from Asbury Theological Seminary (USA). Previously he served as the Director of the Mission India Bible Institute in Nagpur, India and currently pastors the South Asian Church in Edmonton, Canada which reaches the Indian diaspora, specializing in ministering among Hindu and Sikh followers. The international indigenous Asian faculty of the college will be augmented by other MU faculty with significant experience in Asia.

Theological College of Latin America (LATAM)

Composed of 20 countries from Mexico and the Caribbean on the north to the southernmost tip of South America, Latin America has a population of more than 626 million people. Five cities in Latin America have populations of more than 10 million. Although Spanish is spoken by 60% of the population, 34% speak Portuguese in the largest country, Brazil. French speakers may be located in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. While evangelical Protestantism is increasing in many of the countries across the continent, resources for missional ministry training has not kept pace. Many of the bible institutes, colleges and seminaries across Latin America lack mission trained professors. Several of the schools are desperate for additional faculty due to the growth of Protestant Christianity in their countries. However, many Christian believers do not have access to training near them. The Theological College of Latin America aims to deliver training in both Spanish and Portuguese. Dr. Ehud Garcia, a Brazilian with a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary who has taught in seminaries in Brazil, Canada and the US will serve as Dean. Spanish & Portuguese speaking faculties will partner with evangelical, theological institutions to provide missional curriculum among Latin Americans and the Latino/a diaspora.

A Stellar Faculty with 90%+ with Accredited Doctoral Degrees

The ratio of all faculty (regardless of how many courses they teach) with accredited terminal degrees (earned doctorates) is more than 90% -- much higher than most Christian and secular universities.  We have FACULTY WITH DOCTORATES from several different seminaries including Asbury, Ashland, Concordia (Ft Wayne), Fuller, George Fox, Golden Gate, Gordon-Conwell, Luther, New Orleans, Palmer, St. Paul, Southwestern, Southeastern, Southern, Trinity (TEDS), United (Dayton), ECWA (Jos, Nigeria), and international universitiessuch as: Monash University (AU), Nottingham University (UK), Queen's University (Northern Ireland), Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Stockholm University (Sweden), Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa), University of Edinburgh (UK), University of Ghana (West Africa), University of Glasgow (Scotland), University of Manchester (UK), University of Oxford (UK), University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Saskatchewan (Canada), University of South Africa; and American universities such as: Academy of Art Institute (SF), Argosy University, Azusa Pacific University, Bakke Graduate University, Biola University, Campbellsville University, Capella University, Columbia University, Dallas Baptist University, Gonzaga University, Harvard Law School, Liberty University, Loma Linda University, Meharry Medical College, Northcentral University, Nova Southeastern University, Ohio University, Rowan University, Rutgers University, Saybrook University, Shenandoah University, Union Institute & University, Walden University, Washburn University, Washington State University, Washington University in St. Louis, Webber Institute for Worship Studies, University of Akron (Ohio), University of Denver, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of South Carolina, and University of Texas at Dallas to name a few.

A Diverse Faculty with International Teaching Expertise

Many of our faculty have GLOBAL EXPERIENCE TEACHING AT RECOGNIZED, ACCREDITED SCHOOLS such as international seminaries and universities: Africa International University (Kenya), Ahlia University (Bahrain), Bandung Baptist Theological Seminary (Indonesia), Belfast Metropolitan College (Northern Ireland), Bible College of Malaysia, Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (Cameroon), Caribbean Wesleyan College (Jamaica), Centro Evangelical de Missoes (Brasil), Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary (India), Eastern College (Australia), ECWA Theological College, (Abuja, Nigeria), ECWA Theological Seminary, (Kagoro, Nigeria), Evangelical Theological College of Wales (UK), Evangelical Theological Seminary (Egypt), Ewha Womens University (South Korea), Hawassa University (Ethiopia), Heritage Seminary (Canada), Immanuel Theological Seminary (India), Indonesian Baptist Theological Seminary (Indonesia), International College of Bible and Missions (South Africa), International Reformed Theological College (Indonesia), Jakarta Baptist Theological Seminary (Indonesia), Kalimantan Theological Seminary (Indonesia), London School of Theology (England), Luther W. New, Jr. Theological College (India), Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (Malaysia), Malaysia Evangelical College, Mbarara University of Science & Technology (Uganda), Medan Theological Seminary (Indonesia), Myanmar Evangelical Graduate Seminary (Myanmur), Nasarawa State University (Nigeria), Northeast India Baptist Bible College (India), Open Theological College (England), Pacific Theological College (Fiji), Peter Achimugu College of Theology (Nigeria), Prairie Bible College and Prairie Graduate School (Canada), Presbyterian Theological College (Australia), Queen's University (Northern Ireland), Ridley College (Australia), Romanian Centre of Cross-Cultural Studies (Romania), Royal College of Surgeons (Bahrain), Samuel Bill Theological College (Nigeria), Seminário Pentecostal do Norte (Brasil), Seminário Presbiteriano Brasil Central (Brasil). Seminário Teologico Batista do Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Satyaniketan Theological College (India), Sekolah Tinggi Al Kitab (Indonesia), Silliman University (Philippines), South African Theological Seminary (South Africa), Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Suleyman Demirel University (Kazakhstan), Taylor College & Seminary (Canada), Vanguard College (Canada), West African Theological Seminary (Nigeria), Uganda Christian University (Uganda), University of Glamorgan (UK), University of Liverpool (UK), University of New South Wales (Australia), University of Oxford (UK), University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), Zaporozhye Bible College & Seminary (Ukraine)

An Experienced Faculty Teaching in American Seminaries & Universities

Many of our faculty have EXPERIENCE TEACHING AT RECOGNIZED, ACCREDITED SCHOOLS at American colleges and universities, such as: Abilene Christian University, Amarillo College, American Military University, American Public University, Anderson University, Arkansas State University, Avila University, Azusa Pacific University, Bakke Graduate University, Baptist College of Health Sciences, Baylor University, Bethel University (MN), Bethel University (TN), Belmont University, Bethany University, Biola University, Charleston Southern University, City College of Gainesville (FL), College of Southern Nevada, Colorado Technical University, Columbia University, Columbia International University, Covenant College, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas Christian College, Defense Language Institute (US Army), East Tennessee State University, East Texas Baptist University, ECPI University, Felician College, Florida Atlantic University, Georgian Court University, Grand Canyon University, Herzing University, Houston Baptist University, Husson University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University (US Military), Kaplan University, Keiser University, Kent State University, Kettering College, King University (TN), Kings University (Dallas), Kutztown University, Liberty University, Lubbock Christian University, Medaille College, Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies, Mid-America Christian University, Mid-America Nazarene University, Middlebury College (VT), Mountain State University, Mountclair State University, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, New Hampshire University, Northeastern Univeristy (Boston), North Park University, Northwood University, Nyack College, Ohio Christian University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Ottawa University, Penn State University, Regent University, Ryokan College, Sailsbury University, St. Phillips College (San Antonio), Samford University, Seattle Pacific University, Southern Nazarene University, Southern New Hampshire University, Southern Polytechnic University, Southwestern Christian University, Strayer University, Temple University, Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Texas Tech University, The King's College, Tougaloo College, Trident University, Trine University, Trinity Chrisitian College, Trinity International University, Warner Pacific College, West Virginia University, Wheaton College (Illinois), University of Florida College of Medicine, University of Houston, University of Memphis, University of New England, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Texas Medical Branch, University of West Georgia; and several of the American bible colleges and seminaries including: Anderson School of Theology, Abury, Biblical, Canadian Southern Baptist, Concordia (Fort Wayne), Denver, Fuller, Golden Gate, New Orleans, Northern, North Portland Bible College, Southeastern, Southwestern, Talbot, United, to name a few.

We offer Undergraduate Degrees in the following Areas of Study:
African & African Diaspora Studies Church Planting Behavioral Healthcare Broadcast Journalism Biblical Studies
Cultural Anthropology Missional Art Community Development Communication & Culture Contextual Theology
Diaspora Studies Marketplace Ministry Community Health Cyber Security Missional Theology
Geographic Information Systems  (GIS) Missional Congregations Criminal Investigation & Behavioral Profiling Folk Studies & Communication Social Theology
Immigration & Interpreting Services Missional Communities Criminal Justice Graphic Design
Immigration Legal Services Multihousing Ministry Corrections Intercultural Communication
Missional Evangelism Millennial Leadership Geriatric & Gerontology Information Technology Management
Mission Studies Non-Profit Administration Public Safety
& Security
Journalism & Publication
Reconciliation Studies Missional Spirituality Military Family Advocacy Media & Communication Studies
Teaching English (TESOL/TEFL) Urban Mission Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy Media & Photojournalism
RELIGION STUDIES Urban Youth Rehabilitation
Social Media
Buddhist Studies Social Work Scriptwriting, Storytelling & Ethnotheatre
Folk Studies Family & Youth Studies  
Islamic Studies Music Composition & Ethnomusicology
Judaic Studies Worship Leadership
New Religious Movements
World Religions
We offer Graduate Degrees in the following Areas of Study:
Anthropology of Religion Church Planting Consultation Community Development Leadership Communication & Culture Biblical Studies
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Church Planting in Pluralistic Societies Community Health Leadership Media & Communication Contextual Theology
Missional Context Studies Church Planting Among Religious People Groups Chaplaincy Graphic Design & Publication Missional Theology
Migration & Diaspora Studies Marketplace Ministry & Community Development Criminal Investigation & Behavioral Profiling Information Technology Management Social Theology
Missional Evangelism Missional Congregational Practice Correctional Leadership Scriptwriting, Storytelling, & Ethnotheatre
Mission Studies Multihousing Ministry & Urban Development Faith Community Nursing
Reconciliation Studies Non-Profit Leadership Faith Community Services WORSHIP STUDIES
TESOL & Linguistics Urban Mission & Development Financial Fraud Investigation Music Composition & Ethnomusicology
Urban Mission & Strategic Leadership Military Advocacy Leadership
RELIGION STUDIES Urban Youth Public Safety & Security
Buddhist Studies Rehabilitation
Folk Studies Social Work
Hindu Studies
Islamic Studies
Judaic Studies
New Religious Movements
World Religions