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University Overview

An innovative approach to religious and theological education, Missional University helps Christian believers make a greater impact in their neighborhoods, communities and the world through education that is rooted in the mission of God in this world.  This university is redefining how Christian lay people and clergy professionals learn through an engaging online classroom where missional leaders can maximize their giftedness and update their craft while preparing for the next steps in their calling.

Missional University offers a wide range of two-year degree programs across many different subject areas at four different educational levels. Twenty-five Dual Enrollment Academies provide high school students the opportunity to earn 24 credit hours during their junior and senior years. Associate Degree programs in each of the six schools and colleges offer students the foundation they need for bachelor programs in the university. Bachelor degree completion programs enable students with 45 credits or more to complete their undergraduate degrees. Master's level degrees are highly specialized and may be combined in a dual degree program with a third-year Master of Divinity.

Missional University prepares you for more than a career. Here, you learn how to serve in the mission of God as your mission. Six schools work together to bring you an interdisciplinary education that integrates a unique missional study of the Bible, missional practice, and a full degree program in the study area of your choosing. Provides training at multiple educational levels to equip believers to serve in their communities among individuals, families groups and societies. across the globe.