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The Academic Programs are Practically-Minded.

While the theory that underlies missional practice is important, the practical understanding of doing missional ministry is the central focus of the Missional University. Missional skill development enhances the student's usefulness in missional ministries in the neighborhood, community, and the world. The scope of missional ministry includes both addressing spiritual issues with the words of the gospel, as well as incorporating a wide range of deeds of compassion, mercy, and justice that address personal and social issues. We value missional and ministry skill development that enhances the personal giftedness of each student and prepares them for their unique missional and ministry role in the community and congregation. Each course and program enhances the personal effectiveness of missional functions.

The School of Experiential Learning provides required courses for all degree programs that facilitate professional and personal skill development and practice.

Missional Core Values

Value #1: Biblically-Based

Value #2: Missionally-Driven

Value #3: Contextually-Informed

Value #4: Interculturally-Focused

Value #5: Practically-Minded

Value #6: Experientially-Transformed