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Oceania Study Beyond Experiences

Experiential Learning in Cultural Context


Start Your Experiential Learning!

Now is the time to increase your capacity to serve in the mission of God through experiential learning at Missional University. The Partnership Initiative Program (PIP) offers our students MU-approved programs that combine immersive learning environments with engaging activities and excursions related to their major focus. The PIP offers our missional partners the opportunity to nurture a new generation of missional leaders.

Missional Partnerships

Missional University partnerships expand our reach in the mission of God. We collaborate with evangelical Christian faith-based mission entities, nonprofits and NGOs, schools, churches and church groups across the globe, as well as throughout North America.

Our Global Partnership Initiatives provide experiential learning in cultural contexts, providing learning from different cultural perspectives, as well as missional interactions in every region of the world. These experiences include Observerships, Practicums, Internships, Mentorships, and Research. As partnerships develop, the School of Experiential Learning will develop learning experiences in partnership in these and nearby locations and launch over the next five years.

Oceania Initiatives

ChristChurch, New Zealand
Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia
Melbourne, Australia
Suva, Fiji

* Other custom locations based on partner needs


Learning your profession by carefully observing or shadowing accomplished professionals

Observerships:  Shadowing

Learning how to practice the disciplines of your profession

Field Instruction:  Integrating
Practicums: Applying
Internships:  Practicing
Mentorships:  Developing

Learning how to give an evidence-based presentation of what you have learned

Capstone:  Synthesizing
Project:  Documenting
Portfolio:  Creating
Research:  Assessing
Thesis:  Creating