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Phase One:  Observa = Shadowing Professional Practitioners  

Integrated with an e-course are observation assignments that provide students an opportunity to observe and reflect upon course content as seen practiced by career-related professionals. Shadowing is a learning method whereby students have the opportunity to work alongside an expert or practitioner in the student’s chosen field and in the process, gain insight and experience of the practitioner’s job.

The general purpose of observership is for students to watch, listen and learn without contact with a client e.g., patient. Through observership students gain knowledge that they can utilize in their chosen field of practice. Observership is also an economical way for a student to determine if they are a good fit for a certain profession.

Faculty at Missional University are enjoined to employ methods in the courses they teach that allow for observership. Examples of these methods are case studies, interviews with field experts, educational trips, book and article journals, independent research on related topic and assignments that require in-depth study and comparative analysis of theoretical and Biblical foundations of concepts in a chosen field.


Learning your profession by carefully observing or shadowing accomplished professionals