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Phase Two:  Discipulus = Becoming a Professional Practitioner

The curriculum at Missional University incorporates a series of subject area specific "missionals" as a means of preparing the student for lifelong mission in the service of God within their respective academic disciplines. The term "missional" is an adjective that means "of or relating to a mission."   A "missional" is a learning event where the student engages the practice of his or her mission rather than theoretical or laboratory professional studies.

"Missional Discipulus" refers to a learner who is preparing for mission within a specific vocational or professional area of expertise.  As a disciple learns the "ways" of the master, so students learn from practitioners who guide their professional development.  Learning experiences at Missional University incorporate "missional" events and "discipulus" formation opportunities in order to equip students to become missional professionals and leaders in their chosen fields of endeavors.

Learning how to practice the disciplines of your profession