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A capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students. It demonstrates the student’s mastery of the program content and practices.1

Capstone projects may come in different forms. For example, a student may choose to do research on a topic within their field of study which interests them. Another student may opt to maintain a portfolio of findings or results of a given study and present the same before a select audience. Whatever form the capstone project takes the student must remember that a capstone project is a long-term investigative project that culminates in a final product, presentation or performance.2

The value of capstone projects to students cannot be denied. Capstone projects are effective means for students to learn to synthesize content and material gleaned during the duration of their academic training in the field of their choice. Capstone projects encourage students to think critically and solve challenging problems. It helps students to develop their skills in communication, public speaking, research, media literacy, teamwork, and planning among many others. A capstone project is an effective way to prepare students to transition towards their careers. At times, capstone projects become instrumental in building a student’s ability to relate with members of their communities as they endeavor to apply varied theories and connect their projects to community issues or problems. 3

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