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The Academic Programs Foster Experiential Transformation.

Integrated throughout all of the training at the Missional University is an experiential orientation with a heavy dose of "field practice" where concepts that are discussed in class are lived out in the real world. Reflection, integration, and collaboration flow out of the relationships that are formed between students and faculty. This experiential learning has the transformative power to equip students with ministry and missional skills. We value theological and missional reflection conducted within a community of missional and ministry practice that informs and interprets those experiences. Each course and program interprets missional practice by reflecting biblically, theologically and missionally.

The courses in the School of Experiential Learning are designed to foster personal transformation through guided practical, research and communicative experiences.

Missional Core Values

Value #1: Biblically-Based

Value #2: Missionally-Driven

Value #3: Contextually-Informed

Value #4: Interculturally-Focused

Value #5: Practically-Minded

Value #6: Experientially-Transformed