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Online Education Faculty Resources

The following documents provide pertinent information and help foster transparency of the Office of Online Education activities as MU moves forward with its mission.


Resources for Faculty

This section will include links to specific training courses, journal articles, research material added to MU online library, presentations, etc.


Procedures and Policies

This section will include policies and procedures related to online education regarding such issues as intellectual property, dispute resolutions with MU, implementation issues etc. for faculty.


Reports for Faculty

Various reports will be included in this section such as MU strategic plan for online education, MU learning models, feasibility studies, detailed explanation of MU’s plans for moving forward in the context of online education, costs, and pricing of online education programs, etc.


Policy & Procedure Resources

The following files give guidance in a number of areas of faculty concerns:

Curriculum Development
MU Course Description Phrases
Characteristics of Course Descriptions
Essentials of Writing Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions Guidelines & Checklist

New Course Proposal Guide