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Academic Administration

The academic administration at Missional University is responsible for the planning, development, and administration of the university’s educational programs and services. The Chief Academic Officer of the university, the Provost ensures the academic integrity of the university and supports innovations in programs and methods of delivery that respond in a timely manner to the rapidly changing, online, global environment.

The Provost directs the work of the Academic Affairs Council, which consists of educational deans, administrative deans, and international deans as follows: 1) Educational Deans develop and oversee the educational delivery of instructional and experiential learning including the Dean of Online Education, the Dean of the School of Experiential Learning, and the Dean of Continuing Education, 2) Administrative Deans develop and oversee faculty and program development in their respective schools and colleges. This includes the six deans of the schools and colleges designed primarily for the global north, and 3) International Deans develop and oversee faculty and program development in the three international indigenous faculties designed for students in the global south.

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, the Provost also participates in strategic planning, policy formulation, budgetary decisions and problem-solving, and offers advice and counsel on the implications of institutional decisions on the academic programs, faculty, and students.

Visit Our Administration Center

Our online, virtual offices are at the Administration Center. Each administrator has a Welcome Center with guest access for outside visitors to our eCampus. Staff, faculty, and students have access to offices and may set up appointments for video conferences.