Defining Characteristics of the Missional University
New Educational Paradigm

In keeping with our mission, vision and core values, the curriculum of Missional University incorporates missions education designed for clergy roles and combines it with practical ministry applications designed for non-clergy missional ministry roles.  In support of this approach, the Bible (theology) faculty offer Biblical theology of mission as the core concept to all of the curriculum design.  Furthermore, they provide additional biblical, missional, contextual, social and moral theology, and ecotheology courses to support the curricula that focus on culture, context, communication, mission, and community service at points of human need.

Core Missional Faculty

The core faculty of Missional University are academic practitioners who are trained in missiology (the study of the mission of God in the world and the Christian believer’s role in it).  This is why about 30% of MU faculty have degrees in missions, missiology, intercultural studies, and closely related areas. Currently, we have 30 faculty members with degrees in missions or related areas.

Global Online Delivery
Missional University delivers missional ministry education through an affordable 100% online educational experience that is available 24/7, taught in five 8 week academic terms each year.