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Mission of the Missional University

To prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who will join the mission of God in diverse communities by:

    • incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate ministry skills

    • seeking the transformation of people and communities

    • connecting all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language


MU Announces the Theological College of Latin America
Online Training for Residents of Latin America & the Latin American Diaspora

Dr. Ehud Garcia

Composed of 20 countries from Mexico and the Caribbean on the north to the southernmost tip of South America, Latin America has a population of more than 626 million people. Five cities in Latin America have populations of more than 10 million. Although Spanish is spoken by 60% of the population, 34% speak Portuguese in the largest country, Brazil. French speakers may be located in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. While evangelical Protestantism is increasing in many of the countries across the continent, resources for missional ministry training has not kept pace. Many of the bible institutes, colleges and seminaries across Latin America lack mission trained professors. Several of the schools are desperate for additional faculty due to the growth of Protestant Christianity in their countries. However, many Christian believers do not have access to training near them. The Theological College of Latin America aims to deliver training in both Spanish and Portuguese. Dr. Ehud Garcia, a Brazilian with a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary who has taught in seminaries in Brazil, Canada and the US will serve as Dean. Spanish & Portuguese speaking faculties will partner with evangelical, theological institutions to provide missional curriculum among Latin Americans and the Latino/a diaspora.  


MU Announces the Theological College of Asia
Online Training for Residents of Asia & the Asian Diaspora

Dr. Vinod John

With the extraordinarily large missional training needs among Christian believers in Asia and immigrants from Asia in other countries around the world, Missional University rejoices in the plans for contextually relevant education through the online Theological College of Asia. The Theological College of Asia will deliver courses at primary (about 6th-8th grade level), secondary (10th - 12th grade level), undergraduate and graduate educational levels to meet the needs of Asian Christian believers for quality missional education. Dr. Vinod John, a native of northern India, has taught at four theological institutions in India, graduated from two seminaries in India, and completed a PhD in Mission & Evangelization from Asbury Theological Seminary (USA). Previously he served as the Director of the Mission India Bible Institute in Nagpur, India and currently pastors the South Asian Church in Edmonton, Canada which reaches the Indian diaspora, specializing in ministering among Hindu and Sikh followers. The international indigenous Asian faculty of the college will be augmented by other MU faculty with significant experience in Asia including: Dr. David Abraham (originally from India), Dr. David Cashin (with a PhD in Indology - the study of Indian history, literature, philosophy and culture), Dr. Paul Koehler (oral culture specialist with 22 years of experience in India), and Dr. Paul Neeley (ethnomusicologist with considerable experience in India). The Theological College of Asia will partner with existing evangelical, theological institutions in Asia and beyond to provide specialized missional curriculum. The launch date has not been established yet. 


MU Announces the Theological College of Africa
Online Training for Residents of Africa & the African Diaspora

Dr. Matthew Michael

We are pleased to announce plans for the Theological College of Africa at Missional University.  The Theological College will deliver courses at four educational levels: primary education (about 4th-6th grade reading level); secondary education (about 8th-10th grade level); and undergraduate and graduate levels.  Dr. Matthew Michael, former Academic Dean at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria, will serve as the Academic Dean. The faculty will consist of a core of credentialed professors who reside in African countries who have a passion for integrating mission studies into every aspect of the curriculum. Additional faculty with experience in Africa will join the team to provide a full curriculum of theological, missiological, ministry, communication and community ministry courses.  The Theological College of Africa will partner with existing evangelical, theological institutions, ministries and churches in Africa and beyond to provide missional ministry training across the Anglophone African countries and to the African Diaspora spread across the globe. The launch date has not yet been established. Plans for the future include adding African French-speaking faculty. 


MU Announces New Faculty and Administrators

Juantia Womack, PhD (p)

Juanita Womack, EdD (p)
Assoc Director, Enrollment Management
International Registration

Anita Gray, MA

Anita Gray, MA
Enrollment Information


Dr. Wilton Gleaton

Dr. Wilton Gleaton
Professor of Public Safety
Homeland Security 

John Nievis

John Nieves, MS
Lead Generation Manager
Digital Processing


Dr. Cindy Feng

Dr. Cindy Feng
Professor of Forensic Psychology
Immigration Law

Elizabeth Pulley, MA

Elizabeth Pulley, MA
Director, Admissions & Enrollment
Student Recruitment