Careers in Transforming Communities

IS THIS YOUR MISSION? Addiction Counselor, Adoption and Permanency work, Adult Corrections Facility Officer, Bank Fraud Investigator, Behavior Analysts, Case Manager, Center Manager, Chaplain – Correctional Facility, Chaplain – Crisis/Disaster Relief, Chaplain – Military, Chaplain – Hospice, Chaplain – Hospital, Child Advocates, Child Life Specialists, Clinical Social Worker Gerontology, Community Development Director, Community Development Representative, Community Health… Read More

Careers in Navigating Cultural Differences

IS THIS YOUR MISSION? Academic Adviser to International Students, Citizenship & Immigration Services Counselor, Citizenship and Immigration Officer, Civil Rights Advocate, Community Outreach Coordinator, Community Service Officer, Cross-Cultural Communications Specialist, Cultural Affairs Officer, Director of International Non-Profit Organization, Diversity Coordinator, Educational Interpreter, Employment Counselor, English as a Second Language Teacher, ESL Program… Read More

Careers in Joining the Mission of God

IS THIS YOUR MISSION? African Theology Teacher, African Theology Trainer, African Theology Writer, Applied Ethics Blogger, Applied Ethics Editor, Applied Ethics Educator, Applied Ethics Strategist, Applied Ethics Teacher, Applied Ethics Trainer, Applied Ethics Writer, Asian Theology Teacher, Asian Theology Trainer, Asian Theology Writer, Biblical Languages Educator, Biblical Studies Blogger, Biblical Studies Editor, Biblical Studies  Educator, Biblical Studies… Read More

Careers in Communicating Creatively

IS THIS YOUR MISSION? Actor, Audio-Visual Technician, Background Artist, Broadcast journalist, Casting Director, Character Animator, Character FX Artist, Character Modeler, Character Rigging, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Cinematographer, Communication Specialist, Composer, Compositor, Computer user support… Read More

Careers in Caring for Creation

IS THIS YOUR MISSION? Agroforester, Air Quality Forecaster, Aquarist, Aquatic Biologist, Chief Sustainability Executive, Chronic Disease Epidemiologist, Climate and Energy Program, Climate Change Associate, Clinical Trial Research, Communicable Disease Specialist, Community Engagement  Specialist, Community Health Worker, Community Outreach Coordinator, Ecotourism Guide, Energy Analyst, Energy Efficiency Analyst, Energy Manager, Energy Modeler, Environmental Communications Specialist, Environmental Epidemiologist, Environmental Public Relations Specialist, Epidemiologist, Epidemiology Investigator, Fisheries… Read More