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Through collaboration with our Partners around the globe, Missional University seeks to equip students with an understanding of their capacity to engage their society through any vocation - which we call "Missional Careers."



Our global faculty and staff are focused on using their gifts and education in collaboration with Christian mission entities, non-profits & NGOs, for-profit companies, schools, churches and church groups to provide cohesive training to expand the influence of our international partners in their missional endeavors worldwide. Below is a diagram of our Collaboration Stages. Through an integrated process, students move through their education while building relationships with partner organizations related to their studies. This culminates in practicums and internships where students serve with partner organizations to gain experience. Ultimately students graduate and have opportunities to serve worldwide.

Missional Careers Join God at Work in Global Causes

Missional Causes

          • Community Development
          • Criminal Justice
          • Environmental Care
          • Healthcare
          • Immigration / Refugees
          • Social Justice
          • Technology for Impact

Ministry Causes

          • Contextual Mission
          • Missional Practice
          • Religious Change
          • Spiritual Support

Theological Causes

          • Contextual Theology
          • Ecotheology
          • Experiencing God
          • Moral Theology & Ethics
          • Social Theology & Justice

Missional Careers Join God at Work in Global Places