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Ways to extend your professional influence

Determine training opportunities among staff and business partners.

A broad curriculum of courses and programs at Missional University enables your staff, business partners, distributors and franchisees to better equip your clients and customers.

Create corporate initiatives that align with relevant causes and the social good.

Missional University equips your leaders with contextual, moral, social, missional, and environmental theology that serves as a framework for joining God’s mission through your business and social networks.

Multiply your business network through intentional equipping & mentoring.

Expand your capacity to address business, social, moral, missional, and environmental issues through multiplying your professional influence among your stakeholders, staff, business partners, and business network.

What Missional University Can Do  For  Your Business


Provide Academic Resources

Courses, certificate and degree programs equip grassroots leaders of social businesses for service in the mission of God in the world.


Create Experiential Opportunities

Observerships, field instruction, practicum, internship, and mentorship courses expose business leaders to best practices in integrating faith, career, and mission.


Drive Recruitment Enhancement

Missional partnerships enhance business recruitment through the integration of activities that support awareness, consideration, engagement, loyalty, and advocacy of your organization and its mission.


Advisement & Refinement

Missional partnerships include ongoing input from your organization to foster alignment of MU courses and programs with your business needs.

What Missional University Can Do  With  Your Business


Use Case Story Videos from Your Organization

Missional partnerships enable business organizations to contribute video clips featuring their personnel and work for use by faculty in online courses.


Provide Student Interaction with Your Organization

Missional partnerships provide online and offline interaction of students with your business organization's personnel.


Provide Students to Research or Do Projects for Your Organization

Missional partnerships encourage students to complete research assignments and projects for your business as part of their practicum, internship, capstone and project/thesis requirements.


Provide Courses and Programs for Your Network

Missional partnerships expand your organizational capacity as your staff, business partners, distributors and franchisees increase their knowledge and skills to serve in or with your organization.