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Ways to encourage students to explore missional service

Expose students to missional spirituality, theology, and practice

At every level – dual enrollment, associate, bachelor, and master’s – Missional University courses & programs expose students to how to join the mission of God

Engage students with a globally diverse faculty of academic practitioners

Missional University equips students by exposing them to an international faculty of culturally-diverse, missional leaders from every continent on the globe

Expand your course offerings thru partnership with Missional University

Missional University offers dual enrollment courses, undergraduate and graduate certificate programs, and custom cohort capabilities.

What Missional University Can Do For Your Students


Academic Resources

Dual Enrollment courses, undergraduate certificate and graduate certificate programs enhance your own course offerings.



Experiential Opportunities

Observerships, field instruction, practicum, internship, and mentorship courses expose students to best practices in missional practice.



Recruitment Enhancement

A partnership with Missional University enhances your recruitment own efforts by extending your curriculum offerings.



Advisement & Refinement

Missional partnerships include ongoing input from your organization to foster alignment of MU courses and programs with your own needs.

What Missional University Can Do With Your Students


Expose them to Global Mission and Ministry Organizations thru Case Story Videos

Missional partnerships enable students to be exposed to mission and ministry organizations who have contributed video clips featuring their personnel and ministry in our online courses.


Provide Student Interaction with a Global Faculty

Missional partnerships provide online interaction of students with our diverse, international faculty of academic practitioners.


Students may do Research or Conduct Projects for Mission and Ministry Organizations

Missional partnerships encourage students to complete research assignments and projects for mission and ministry organizations as part of their courses, practicums, internship, capstone and project/thesis requirements.


Provide Courses and Programs that Meet Student Needs

Missional partnerships expand your educational capacity to meet the needs of your students.