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Welcome to the Missional Partnerships

Through collaboration with our Partners around the globe, Missional University seeks to equip students with an understanding of their capacity to engage their society through any vocation - which we call "Missional Careers."  Our schools and colleges deliver specialized training to train students with the knowledge and skill to serve in a number of different arenas. We are looking for Christian organizations - for-profit companies, non-profits & NGOs, mission entities, schools, churches and church groups -- that understand the purpose of their organization as the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally – for the glory of God.



Our partnership team develops collaborative synergy with Christian mission entities, non-profits & NGOs, for-profit companies, schools, churches and church groups to provide cohesive training to expand the influence of our international partners in their missional endeavors worldwide.  The educational process culminates in practicums and internships where students serve with partner organizations to gain experience.

The Missional Partnership Team

Dr. Sam Hallman

Director, University Partnerships
Team Leader
Missional Partnerships Team

Dr. Jamie Smith

Special Assistant for
Educational Partnerships

Dr. Karen Hatley

Special Assistant for
Mission Entity Partnerships


Special Assistant for
Business as Mission Partnerships


Special Assistant for
Community Ministry
& NGO Partnerships


Special Assistant for
Church & Church Group Partnerships

Partnership Spokespersons

Each school or college has a faculty member who serves as a SPOKESPERSON to represent their school to university partner organizations. The SPOKESPERSON loves to work with potential partners, share the unique offerings of the school with them, and introduce them to the partnership team. The SPOKESPERSON works with the Dean and Department Chairs of their school to share the story of the school, faculty and programs with those outside the school. The SPOKESPERSON serves on the Activation Team, works directly with the Dean of the school and receives coaching and resourcing by Dr. Sam Hallman, Director of University Partnerships.

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