Dr. Kimberley Morrison

Kimberley Morrison, DIS

Dean, School of Missional Practice
Professor of Missional Congregations

Missional Coaching Specialist
International Experience: Canada, USA




  • Doctor of Intercultural Education (in progress), Biola University, La Mirada, CA
  • Doctor of Intercultural Studies, Leadership Development, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena CA
  • Master of Arts in Global Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA

Doctoral Dissertation (Fuller)

  • A Model for Nurturing Prophets of Renewal in the Canadian Context

Additional Training

  • Spiritual Director training, Soul Formation, Portland, Oregon   

Teaching Specializations

  • Missional Leader Formation
  • Ministry Team Development
  • Missional Change Theory
  • Christian Systems Theory


Ministry & Professional Experiences

  • Prior, Systems Designer & Founder; Urban Abbey, Anglican Mission in Canada, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Founder, Missional Designer & Ministry Team Leader; Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 
  • Dimentia Cafe, Urban Abbey, Anglican Mission in Canada, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Founder and Director of Leadership, Missio Women, ConnectCoaching.ca
  • Director of Community Life & Women Ministry, Peace Portal Alliance Church, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Three Links Care Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Director of Adult Ministry, Bayside Adventure Christian Church, Roseville, CA, USA
  • Discipleship Director & Leadership Trainer, Life Ministry Training, Cross-Canada, Winkler Bible Camp, Winkler, Manitoba, Canada
  • Missionary to Indigenous Peoples of Canada, One Hope Canada, British Columbia, Canada  


Research Projects

  • Implications of Pre-modern Theological Educational Models for Missiological Training in Western Postmodern Contexts 
    • Research Question: What do pre-modern theological education models in dialogue with functioning, Western schools of mission offer in terms of a new perspective on missiological training for a Canadian context?
    • Missional Purpose: to discover a learning model for graduate-level missiological educationin a post-Christian, neo-pagan Canadian context.
    • Stage of Completion: beginning the study
  • Dimentia Cafe: A Place to Belong: June 2017 to December 2018 
    • Sponsorship: In partnership with Lakehead University and the Alzheimers Society of Thunder Bay Co-researcher - Dr. Elaine Wiersma - Director of the Center f or Education and Research on Aging and Health at Lakehead University
    • Research Question: What can be done to support emotional wellbeing, including maintaining a sense of dignity, for persons with dimentia and their care partners? (this is one of the top 10 research priorities according to Canadians affected by dimentia)
    • Missional Purpose: to discover how the Canadian church can support emotional and spiritual wellbeing with this forgotten, and quickly growing demographic. How can we be gospel-centered in our approach to respite and care for whole families in our community?
    • Stage of Completion: literature review completed, field research begins February 2018
  • Recovery-Oriented Learning Environment: October 2016 to November 2018
    • Research Question: What is the relationship between therapeutic housing and systems-based, experiential, non-linear instructional design as related to maternal substance use and recovery?
    • Missional Purpose: to discover a model for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through addiction recovery innovation as related to women and infants.
    • Stage of Completion: literature review completed, field research began April 2017


Training Tools Developed

  • 2017 Thrive Assessment Learning Materials
    • This is a tool-based survey mechanism - much like Prepare and Enrich, to help participants understand their current spiritual health, based on six indicators for flourishing. It includes action plans for preventative and restorative measures and integrated training and equipping towards spiritual maturity. Can be used for church-wide assessment and strategic course and curriculum planning
  • 2016 What’s Forming You?
    • This is 10 weeks of learning material as a follow-up to Alpha for seekers. A missional tool for churches to use in their neighborhoods. The individual workbook is 65 pages and is a series on relational systems and the culture of Jesus of Nazareth as it interacts with the systems in our lives.
  • 2015 A Model for Nuturing Prophets of Renewal in the Canadian Context -269 pg dissertation.
  • 2012 Moms Connect - training manual for moms group leaders
  • 2008 LifeQuest - individualized, intentionalized manual on how to disciple 
  • 2005 Sufficient to Nurture 190 page book for women on how to nurture others 
  • 1996 Ministry Team Development 85 page manual on developing leadership teams -over 50 parachurch/church ministry teams trained with this material
  • 1995 Basic Training 90 page manual on discipleship -over 50 parachurch/church ministry teams trained with this material


Civic & Community Service

  • Thunder Bay Drug Strategy (City of Thunder Bay Core Group
  • Parenting and Maternal Substance Use (City of Thunder Bay Core Group
  • Housing and Homelessness (City of Thunder Bay Working Group 
  • Northwestern Dimentia Group (Lakehead University Core Group)
  • Situation Table (Canadian Mental Health Association Core Group & Working Group)