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Career Services

The Missional Career Center is here to help you understand, explore, and achieve your career potential. 


Our mission is to advance student success by providing a robust and global network, coordinated career resources, and enriching, practice-based, and experiential opportunities that help students develop a missional and serving mindset as they define, develop, and realize their career causes, potential, and purpose with greater intention and success.


Our vision is to nurture the growth of follower of Christ by fostering creative and serving mindsets so that they may fully realize their career causes, potential, and purpose.

Our team is prepared to work with all MU students through virtual programming and resources. Students have full access to virtual advising appointments, walk-in hours, panels and networking events, classroom presentations, and more. Our staff provides expert guidance, innovative resources, and professional development opportunities to you during your time at MU and beyond. Each staff member specializes in one or more of our eight schools, providing students with advice specific to their areas of expertise and mission.