Since we expect a formal launch of the Missional University in January 2018, Missional University is currently not accredited -- nor can be for at least four to six years after launch which is the normal accreditation process time frame.

Thus, as a grassroots training institution designed to equip missional leaders (volunteer, bivocational and vocational; paid and unpaid), the Missional University is currently not accredited.  

However, all of our faculty have advanced degrees from accredited institutions and have experience in their fields. During course development, each professor is guided by our Dean of Online Education and  submits their course to a faculty peer-review process.  This process ensures measurable standards of excellence in course design are met or exceeded.  We provide students with both transcripts and other documentation for them to use that validates the quality of their courses as they submit their work for transfer credit at another institution.  As we develop articulation agreements with a select number of colleges and universities to facilitate transfer credit, a link to that information will be posted on the left.

In the future we plan to become accredited.  We are exploring our choices for regional accreditation, national faith-related accreditation, and other national accreditation agencies. Once we begin working through that process we will update this page to reflect our current stage. 

See also the Accreditation Standards and Best Practices Guidelines page.

We only offer religious Certificates, Associate Degrees and Bachelor Completion Degrees, Graduate Certificates, and Master's Degrees.  We plan to begin Doctoral Degrees in the future.