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About Missional University

An innovative approach to religious and theological education, Missional University helps Christian believers make a greater impact in their churches, organizations and communities through education that is rooted in the mission of God in this world.  This university is redefining how Christian lay people and clergy professionals learn through an engaging online classroom where missional leaders can maximize their giftedness and update their craft while preparing for the next steps in their calling. Students connect with expert faculty members from around the world who are ministry practitioners with missional experience and expertise. You might say, Missional University is a 21st century missional ministry tech school to equip Christian believers to serve in the mission of God.  Missional University offers two types of programs:

1) those programs that equip Christian believers to serve in faith-based organizations including Christian social ministries, churches, denominational groups, mission agencies and other para-church organizations in various missional capacities; and

2) those programs that equip Christian believers to live out their sacred missional calling in secular arenas where their missional ministry brings them into contact with people at their point of need.


Who We Are

Missional University provides grassroots missional and theological training.  The schools within the university work together to share faculty, courses, and programs to offer a greater breadth of training to church leaders and members at large.

Missional University trains Christian believers to serve as missional leaders in faith-based organizations.  They will serve in various capacities as communication specialists, community missionaries, missional strategists, missional coaches, church planters, and lay and clergy leaders.

While a large number of seminaries and bible colleges exist to train people for institutional church positions, there is very little ministry training that places the mission of God and our role in that mission in the community as a central focus.

Missional University provides online training for missional leaders.  We offer Undergraduate Certificates, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Completion Degree programs, Graduate Certificates and Masters Degrees.