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Department of Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

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About the Department


Dual Enrollment

  • Pre-Chaplaincy Academy


Undergraduate Studies

  • Undergraduate Certificates
    • Pastoral Care
    • Spiritual Caregiving
  • Associate of Community Ministry
    • Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy
  • Bachelor of Community Ministry
    • Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy


Graduate Studies

  • Graduate Certificates
    • Pastoral Care
    • Military Chaplaincy
    • Correctional Chaplaincy
    • Crisis & Disaster Chaplaincy
    • Healthcare Chaplaincy
    • Marketplace Chaplaincy
    • Spiritual Caregiving
  • Master of Community Ministry
    • Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy
    • Pastoral Care in Global Cultures
  • Master of Divinity
    • Chaplaincy
  • Chaplaincy Specializations
    • Correctional
    • Crisis & Disaster Relief
    • Healthcare
    • Marketplace
    • Military
    • Pastoral Care



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Departmental Faculty


Course Descriptions


Contact Information


Still Have Questions?
Contact the Educational Liaison:


Pam Williams  

Educational Liaison
School of Community Ministry

pwilliams [at]


Or Contact the Department Chair:


Departmental Faculty

Professor Wes Cohoon
Instructor in Pastoral Care
Healthcare Chaplaincy


Dr. Wayne Rhodes
Professor of Chaplaincy
Psychology & Theology


Dr. David Simmons
Prof of Hospice & Palliative Care
End-of-Life Care

Dr. Hal Scott
Professor of Military Ministry
Military & Veterans Health


Prof. Karl Taylor
Instructor in Correctional Chaplaincy
Pastoral Care