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The Department of Community Health & Advocacy provides an integrated approach to health, offering competency-based and practice-focused preparation for successful careers in public health and healthcare. Through understanding how to integrate a Biblical theology of mission, students learn to strategically join in the mission of God by addressing the health needs of priority populations from the individual to the global level using a variety of health promotion and education strategies.


Why Community Health & Advocacy?

The Community Health & Advocacy Department provides students who are interested in creating and growing in health ministry, elements that must be understood and applied such as the basic precepts, requirements, and possible pitfalls when designing a ministry to encourage health & wellness.


Why Missional University?

Community Health & Advocacy at Missional University is based on the six core values of the University:


Biblically Based:

The Community Health & Advocacy Department is biblically grounded in a theology of mission that places emphasis on joining the mission of God in the world while serving others by putting them and their needs first.


Missionally Driven:

Embracing the missional perspective with a commitment to serve, the Community Health & Advocacy programs provide diverse educational, research, and practice opportunities to enable others to experience the embrace of God through healing—“A faithful envoy brings healing” (Proverbs 13:17).


Interculturally Focused:

Respect for all: The Community Health & Advocacy Department is committed to instilling in our students the concept of treating all people with dignity and respect, honoring each person, fostering a climate that is open and welcoming, while promoting the university’s core values, and celebrating the Creator’s diversity in creation and design of all. (James 2:1-4; Proverbs 24:23)


Contextually Informed:

The Community Health & Advocacy program provides a foundation for medical and health services professionals to serve God by serving and caring for the holistic health needs of others.


Practically Minded:

Community Health & Advocacy provides practical tools and insights to planning, beginning, and growing through serving in the mission of God in the world. This program also provides adequate interactive activities for the student to discover and develop a customized missional practice along with appropriate self-care plannings etc.


Experientially Transformed:

The Community Health & Advocacy Department is committed to assisting students in serving responsibly in local, global, Christian faith-based, and social service organizations and communities in the spirit of humility and cooperation, building collaborative relationships, fostering leadership qualities in others, and contributing the knowledge, skills, and resources for the common good. (Mark 10:42-45)