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Fostering Community Online through Caring for One Another

Nurturing Community

The Chaplain's office fosters community. Now it's hard in a digital age. It's hard when you don't have a chance to shake hands and hug and being each
other's presence physically but I believe through the use of technology we can do a lot to build community and one of the key ways that we're starting to
build community now is our regular Chapel gatherings.

We gather for a time of sharing a time of prayer a time of encouragement and a time of learning from one another. Let me give you a couple quick highlights of some information that I that we want you to know about. One is that we will be having Chapel every month.  It's the kind of thing where you can drop in during an hour and a half -- you certainly don't have to stay online that entire time  -- but if you could drop in for a few minutes maybe share per concern or offer a prayer for something that you're aware of and our family will be delighted to have you join us.

These sessions are being recorded so you can go back at a later time listen to the narrative and see some of the PowerPoint information that I'll be providing. I'm also working on providing regular office hours so that if you want to just drop by and visit for a little bit. You'll be able to know that at
that hour on that day I will be online. I'm certainly available through email to set up and make contact with me. My email address for Missional University is

I hope you'll reach out and connect with me and let's learn together about what it means to serve as a missional community through Missional University in this very creative and exciting age that we're in. Thank you, and God bless you.

The Office of the University Chaplain fosters community through personal and group contact.