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Aligning Our Life with God's Story and Mission

Fanning the Flame

Throughout the web pages and all the information that has been distributed about Missional University -- even in our name -- it says that our vision is wrapped around the concept of being missional. But, what does missional mean?

I like a definition that I picked up recently from Dr. Paul Gould.  It's from a book called The Outrageous Idea of the Missional Professor.  He says that a missional person, a missional professor, understands and lives life in light of God's story in God's mission. I hope and desire that as we get to know one another that I can encourage each of us, both on the academic intellectual side but also on the personal and relational side, to live our lives each day in light of being in alignment with the very mission that God has given us

The Office of the University Chaplain fans the flame of the vision of Missional University to be Biblically-based, missionally driven, interculturally-focused, contextually-informed, practically-minded and experientially-transformed.