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Members of the Missional Upsurge Network receive several benefits throughout the year. While financial contributions are not required, we encourage network members to financially support the university by giving monthly.


Email Updates

Members receive a monthly email update on the progress of the development of the university, prayer requests, current projects, and future events.


Special Missional Upsurge Network Events

Each quarter a special online event will be held at which members of the Missional Upsurge Network will be able to meet key faculty, staff, and administrators. These events will be held online at our administration center at the Missional Upsurge Network Welcome Center.


Access to Online University Events

Periodically the university offers workshops, seminars, and conferences at the online Conference Center. Membership in the Missional Upsurge Network gives members either a free pass to the event or a reduced ticket price.


How to Join the Missional Upsurge Network

Complete the Sign Up form and you will begin receiving periodic emails sent to your inbox!  Thanks for your interest in missional education at Missional University.

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