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The members of the Missional Upsurge Network are an inner circle of supporters who actively participate in expanding global missional education. This is an opportunity to join together with fellow Christian believers from across the globe to pray, promote and give to the cause of equipping God's people to join the mission of God in the world.


A Call to Prayer

“Missional University believes that prayer is a primary means of accomplishing God’s work in the world. When God’s people answer the call to pray, lives, cities, and nations are transformed. Missional Upsurge Network provides an opportunity for believers to join together in prayer so that the gospel may go forth and the mission of God may be fulfilled worldwide."

Dr. Sara Blakeney
Fort Worth, TX, USA


A Call to Promote & Give

"Two reasons Missional University deserves both our wide promotion and consistent financial support. First, those seeking a quality university education can get it right where they are - it is 100 percent online.  Second, qualified professors interweave the concept of how to share faith in Jesus Christ in a non-confrontational way in the workplace and the daily flow of life."

Bob Saul
Fort Worth, TX, USA