Dr. Wilson Paluri, D.Th.

Professor of Hindu Studies 
Indology Specialist
International Experience: Germany, India




  • Doctor of Theology (D.Th.), Specialization: Hinduism (Indian Philosophy), NIIPGTS, Serampore University, India
  • Master of Theology (M.Th.), Specialization: Religions (Hinduism), NIIPGTS, Serampore University, India
  • Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.), Union Biblical Seminary, Serampore University, India
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), Specialization: Chemistry, Wadia College, Pune University, India
  • Bachelor of Arts, Religion, Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, ID

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Rāmānuja’s Contribution to a Liberative Social Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance

Master of Theology Thesis

  • A Study of the Concept of Agni in Select Sruti Texts and its Relevance to Christian Theology in India

Bachelor of Divinity Thesis

  • The Christian-Muslim Inter-Religious Dialogue as a Means of Witness to the Respective Communities in India


Academic Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune (India)
  • Lecturer, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune (India)
  • Short-term Internship, Missionsakademie, University of Hamburg, Germany.
  • Lecturer, New Theological College, Dehradun (India)
  • Lecturer, Calcutta Bible College, Kolkata (India)


Teaching Specializations

  • Hinduism and Indian Philosophy
  • Histories and Cultures of India
  • Indian Social Philosophy


Ministry & Professional Experiences

  • Vicar, Old Mission Church, Kolkata (India)
  • Coordinator of Publications, New Theological College, Dehradun (India)
  • Production Supervisor, Bajaj Tempo Ltd., Pune (India)
  • Youth Director, Gethsemane Fellowship, Pune (India)



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  • “Creative Interaction between Humanism and Reformation and its Implication for Indian Context today” (paper presented at the Annual Alumni Gathering, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune on 22nd Nov. 2017)
  •  "Luther’s Reformation and its Implications in the Indian Context” (paper presented at a Seminar for Church Leaders, Mumbai on 22nd Sept. 2017)
  •  “The Role of the Local Church in Missions” (paper presented at the Church Retreat, Mumbai on 27th August 2017)
  •  “A Study of Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism from the Perspective of the History of Religions” (paper presented at a Workshop on Religious Fundamentalism at St. Paul’s Church, Pune on 11th Oct. 2016)
  •  “Contemporary Review of Buddhism in Bangkok, Sri Lanka and Bhutan” (paper presented at International School for Missionaries Training Program, Adventist Media Centre, Pune on 3rd Oct. 2016)
  •  “Evangelistic Methods used for Buddhists in Bhutan and Sri Lanka” (paper presented at International School for Missionaries Training Program, Adventist Media Centre, Pune on 29th July 2014)
  •  “A Humanist Ethics; A Study on the Social Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas” (paper presented at Studienabend, Missionsakademie on 12th Nov. 2013)
  •  “Hindu Ethics” (paper prepared at a seminar on “World Ethics Forum” at Breklum, Germany on 4th Nov. 2013)
  •  “Developing a Relevant Theology from the Writings of Krishna Mohan Benerjea” (paper presented at a seminar on ‘Krishna Mohan Banerjea’s Contribution’ at Bishop’s College, Kolkata on 16th August 2012)


Membership in Professional and Academic Organizations

  • Member of Student Christian Movement (SCM), Kolkata (India)
  • Member of Organizing Committee, United Churches Sunday School, Kolkata (India)



  • English, Bilingual Fluency
  • Hindi, Bilingual Fluency
  • Sanskrit, Bilingual Fluency
  • Telugu, Native Fluency
  • Marathi, Bilingual Fluency
  • Hebrew, German (Academic)