The Missional College makes intercultural training available to average, everyday Christian believers across North America and beyond.  For decades this type of training has only been offered to the professional elite - those who could afford to go to a Bible college or seminary for vocational training or who received training through a mission agency prior to going to a foreign country in missionary service. Now it is available to everyone anytime, anywhere through our eCampus.

We believe that EVERY BELIEVER IS A MISSIONARY where they are - in their neighborhood, at work, and in their community. The Missional College provides training at multiple educational levels to equip believers to serve interculturally in their communities in a variety of ways.

We welcome you to our endeavor - using 21st century technology to facilitate the missional movement in North America and beyond! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Dr. Carol Olsen 
Dean of The Missional College

Phone:   803.618.1328  ext. 200