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Research Areas of the Institute for the Study of Religion

Institute Research

Ongoing projects serve in the Institute's mission:  

1.  Title:  Folk Islam in the 21st century:  A study in the changing ethos of Islamic animism in the face of rising Islamic radicalism and the struggle for the identity of Islam    

2.  Title:  Word studies in the Qur’an dealing with issues related to:

a. Hypocrisy/Excommunication
b. Knowing God in the Qur’an.
c. Ishmael and Isaac in the Qur’an
d. The Word (Kalima) of God in the Qur’an.

3.  Title:  Insider movements in the Taoist and Buddhist Environments in China: A historical study on syncretism in the early church and the Church of the East’s efforts to adapt to the Chinese environment in the 6th-11th centuries.  

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