Online Master's Degree Programs

The online master's degree programs offered at Missional University are designed to enable students to combine the skills and expertise needed to succeed in today's world with training to serve in the mission to which God has called them. Students learn their purpose, expand their passion, and become equipped to join in the mission of God in this world.

Our global, international, faculty practitioners have not only background of education and experience in their fields, but continually update their academic instruction to reflect the best online instruction practices today. Together with our worldwide missional partners, fresh real-world experience is brought to the online classrooms.

Our eight-week online course format has been proved to be the most effective in delivering distance education. Students have the flexibility to work on their assignments anytime 24/7 while interacting with their faculty person and other students from across the world.

Students receive guidance from a student success specialist who helps plan an individualized pathway of required and elective courses that lead to graduation in a timely manner.

Explore the master degree programs in the list on the right. Select those that interest you and then contact our admission staff. We can help you plan how to blend a career with missional service.

Program Overview 

Master's degree programs offer graduate courses at the 5000 and 6000 levels 

Previous Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent is Required for Admission:  120+ undergraduate credits

Number of Credit Hours Required for Graduation:   66 to 78   (87 - 96 for MDiv) 

Number of Courses Required for Graduation:  22 to 26

For Cost per Credit Hour & Total Cost of MU Enrollment including Fees see the tuition page.


Master's Degrees Offered at Missional University

M.COM.:  Master of Communication

M.C.M.:  Master of Community Ministry

M.DIV.:  Master of Divinity

M.I.S.:  Master of Intercultural Studies

M.M.P.:  Master of Missional Practice

M.E.M:  Master of Ecological Mission

M.REL.:  Master of Religion

M.T.S.:  Master of Theological Studies

M.I.B.M.:  Master of International Business Mission

M.I.S.M.:  Master of International Sports Mission