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Missional Focus


Every course and program focuses on service in the mission of God.



Biblical Foundations


A missional interpretation guides application to real life.

International Faculty


Academic practitioners from across the globe contribute their expertise.



Broad Curriculum


Diverse schools cover wide spectrum of missional topics.

Online Education


Available 24/7, elearning classes follow best education practices.



Experiential Skills


Students shadow, practice, intern, and mentor to gain practical skills.

Online Education


Sarah Ashley, the Dean of Onine Education, discusses the high quality elearning practices in the design of courses and the highly interactive environment on the eCampus of Missional University.  

Contact Sarah Ashley:

Email:  sashley@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 120
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The Missional College

Dr. Carol Olsen introduces The Missional College by explaining three great distinctives about the college: that the college seeks God's perspective in everything we do, feels the needs that the world feels, and extends the mission of God from every point on the globe to every point on the globe.

Contact Dr. Carol Olsen:

Email:  colsen@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 200
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The Missional College Infographic

The Missional College Website 

School of Creative Expression


Dr. Ron Coody introduces the School of Creative Expression from the ruins of Constantinople illustrating how the school builds upon early church gospel-centered communication through the use of Cultural Studies, Communication & Media, Digital Media Technologies, Film & Theatre Studies, Music & Ethnodoxology. 

Contact Dr. Steven Ibbotson:

Email:  sibbotson@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 500
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School of Creative Expression Website


School of Community Ministry




Contact Dr. Tiffany Boykin:

Email:  tboykin@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 400
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School of Community Ministry Website


Missional University Press


Terry Bailey, Managing Editor, introduces the top ten author benefits at Missional University Press. MUP advances the missional cause of the university by publishing resources that equip believers from across the globe to serve in the mission of God.

Contact Terry Bailey:

Email:  tbailey@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 50

Study Beyond Experiences


Dr. Christine Lawton, Dean of Study Beyond Experiences, discusses the range of experiential learning courses in the observa - discipulus - testimonium process of applying theoretical courses in real life situations. 

Contact Dr. Christine Lawton:

Email:  clawton@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 115
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School of Theological Studies

Dr. Terry Coy introduces the School of Theological Studies by answering five questions: who are we here for, where are we from, how do we see the world, what do we want to be, and what do we want to do. 

Contact Dr. Terry Coy:

Email:  tcoy@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 700
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School of Theological Studies Website

School of Missional Practice


Dr. Kimberley Morrison compares the game of Canadian hockey to missional living as she introduces the School of Missional Practice and discusses how students can become missional agents who are embedded in their vocations and communities by learning from a faculty of global experts in missional practice.

Contact Dr. Kimberley Morrison:

Email:  kmorrison@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 300
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School of Missional Practice Website


School of Ecological Mission


Dr. Mike Price introduces the School of Ecological Mission by summarizing each of the five departments in the school: Environmental Studies, Ecology & Biodiversity, Global Healthcare & Population Studies and Geospatial Studies.

Contact Dr. Mike Price:

Email:  mprice@missional.university
Phone: 803-618-1328 ext. 600
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School of Ecological Mission Website