University eCampus

Administration Center

All of the Offices at Missional University may be found at our Administration Center. The executive leadership team, administrators, staff and faculty maintain offices here. With integrated live stream video conference capabilities, the staff and faculty from across the globe meet regularly to work on together. Students, partners and supporters can request a time to meet for a video conference in one of our more than 20 welcome centers.

Student Center

All of the Organizations at Missional University may be found at our Student Center. Here students develop leadership skills as they organize and lead student organizations - meeting with interested fellow students from across the world. Missional Partners maintain offices and sponsor events  - through this interaction students may find future career opportunities. Student services, University Chaplains's Office and the Admissions Center are also at the Student Center.

eCampus Map

Academic Center

All of the Courses at Missional University may be found at our Academic Center. Each academic department within each School offers online courses throughout the five 8-week academic terms in the academic calendar. Students from around the world log on and communicate with their professor and fellow students in an interactive, virtual environment. The Dean of Online Education and her team work with faculty courses that exceed standards.

Conference Center

All of the Conference Events at Missional University may be found at our Conference Center. Campus events, ceremonies, convocations, commencements, and senior presentations all occur at the conference center. Other u
niversity events including conferences and webinars sponsored by our centers and institutes are offered also. Faculty workshops and Guest Lectureships are scheduled at various times. Some Missional Partners sponsor events at the Conference Center as well.