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This directory provides information about faculty and staff members who are able to lecture and/or serve as a resource to media and partners on topics of their expertise. With questions, please contact the public relations office at:


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African Christianity Alemayehu Mekonnen
African Culture & Society Alemayehu Mekonnen
African Ecology - Marine/Marshland Ecology Magdalene Ngeve
African Environmental Studies Erc Tangumonkem
African Health & Aging Oliva Owusu-Boakyewaah
African Missiology / Mission Alemayehu Mekonnen
African Music Paul Neeley
African Studies Michael King
African Theology Greg Kame
African-American Families Tiffany Boykin
African-American History & Culture Daryl Tukufu
African-American Music Garfield Harvey
African-American Visual Culture  
African & African-American Thought and Literature Celucien Joseph
Anthropology of Religion Erik Aasland
Anthropology of Religion Samuel Dira
Animism & Folk Religion George Terry
Apartheid in the Global South Christo Lombard
Apartment Ministry Ronnie Cox
Apologetics - Historical Stamenka Antonova
Apologetics - Missional John Marriott
Art and Mission David Brazzeal
Asian Diaspora Gary Fujino
Asian Theology Vinod John
Asset-Based Community Development Bethany Harris
At Risk Youth Tiffany Boykin
Behavioral Healthcare Celeste Bryson
Biblical Interpretation - Sociocultural (New Testament) Fergus King
Biblical Interpretation - Sociohistorical (Old Testament) Moa Imchen
Biblical Interpretation - Sociopolitical (Theology) Greg Kame
Biblical Interpretation - Sociolinguistic & Linguistic (New Testament) Hughson Ong
Biblical Interpretation - Sociopsychological (Theology) Matthew O'Reilly
Biblical Interpretation - Sociorhetorical (Theology) Matthew O'Reilly
Biblical Storytelling Paul Koehler
Biology & Chemistry Candace Reno
Biomathematics Bismark Oduro
Buddhist Studies George Terry
Business as Mission Ignatius Meimaris
Business Forensics Melinda Whitman
Chaplaincy Wayne Rhodes
Chaplaincy - Correctional Karl Taylor
Chaplaincy - Crisis & Disaster Relief Otis Corbitt
Chaplaincy - Healthcare Wes Cohoon
Chaplaincy - Hospice & Palliative Care David Simmons
Chaplaincy - Military Hal Scott
Chaplaincy - Multihousing Ronnie Cox
Chaplaincy - Police & First Responders Otis Corbitt
Church Planter Management Terry Coy
Church Planting - Buddhist Cultures George Terry
Church Planting - Folk Cultures Erik Aasland
Church Planting - Hindu Cultures Vinod John
Church Planting - Islamic Cultures Brad Roderick
Church Planting - Jewish Cultures Kevin O'Brien
Church Planting - Missional Foundations John Amandola
Church Planting - Multihousing Environments Ronnie Cox
Church Planting - Organic Approaches Chris Marshall
Church Planting - Pluralistic Societies Chris Marshall
Church Planting - High Density Cities Sean Benesh
Climate Studies / Meterology Mick Pope
Community Development Scott Dixon
Community Development Bethany Harris
Community Health Nicole Rankine
Community Health Debra Newell
Community Health Outreach Kendra Varner
Community Justice Kim Miller
Community Nutrition Kendra Varner
Community Policing Tari Colon
Community Services Administration Otis Corbitt
Community Social Ministry Ken Larimore
Comparative Religion Kevin O'Brien
Congregational Mission Steve Thomason
Congregational Nursing Sharon Hinton
Contextual Theology Steve Thomason
Contextual Theology - Africa Matthew Michael
Contextual Theology - Asia Vinod John
Contextual Theology - Latin America Ehud Garcia
Creative Arts Therapy J.L. Guerriero
Criminal Justice - Community Justice Kim Miller
Criminal Justice - Community Policing Tari Colon
Criminal Justice - Business Forensics Melinda Whitman
Criminal Justice - Fraud Investigation Kim Miller
Criminal Justice - Public Safety & Homeland Security Wilton Gleaton
Culture and Language Acquisition Ma Min
Cultural Adjustments & Shock Phillip Smith
Cultural Anthropology Samuel Dira
Disaster & Crisis Response Otis Corbitt
Diaspora Missiology Gary Fujino
Diaspora Studies Gary Fujino
Digital Publishing & Typography  
Disciplemaking in Context John Brittain
Drama Therapy J L Guerriero
Early Christianity Stamenka Antonova
Ecology - Rangeland & Wildlife Tracey Carrillo
Ecology - Marine & Marshland Magdalene Ngeve
Ecology - Urban & Built Environments Deborah Hersha
Ecological Ethics Alexander Breitkopf
Ecomissiology / Ecological Mission Mike Pope
Ecotheology Alexander Breitkopf
Environmental Management - Natural Resources Paul Johnson
Environmental Sustainability - Agricultural Tracey Carrillo
Environmental Sustainability - Urban Deborah Hersha
Epidemiology Toritse Orubu
Epidemiology & Demography Lesley Anderson-Graham
Ethnodoxology Noemi Montiel
Ethnography Samuel Dira
Ethnotheatre J L Guerriero
Ethnomusicology Paul Neeley
Ethnomusicology - Africa Paul Neeley
Ethnomusicology - Latin America Noemi Montiel
Evangelization - Historical Curt Watke
Faith Community Nursing Sharon Hinton
Faith Community Services Ken Larimore
Film Screenwriting & Production Rick Beeman
Film Studies  
Folk Culture Erik Aasland
Folk Religion Erik Aasland
Financial Forensics Melinda Whitman
Forensic Psychology Cindy Feng
Forest & Wildlife Ecology Tracey Carrillo
Fraud Investigation / White Collar Crime Kim Miller
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  
Geography of Religion  
Geology, Geoscience & Earth Sciences Eric Tangumonkem
Geospatial Studies in Mission Drake Sprague
Gerontology & Geriatrics Debra Newell
GIS - Mapping Peter Siska
Global Healthcare Nad Tad
Global Healthcare - Epidemiology Lesley Anderson-Graham
Global Healthcare - Epidemiology Nicole Rankine
Global Healthcare - Gerontology & Geriatrics Debra Newell
Global Healthcare - Immigrants & Refugees Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah
Global Healthcare - Infectious Disease Tortise Orubu
Global Healthcare - Infectious Disease Nicole Rankine
Global Healthcare - Health Education & Promotion Debra Newell
Global Healthcare - Medical Mission Foundations Nad Tad
Global Healthcare - Nutrition Kendra Varner
Global Healthcare - Palliative Care & the Terminally Ill David Simmons
Global Healthcare - Patient Centered Care Roland Wilson
Global Healthcare - Population Studies Lesley Anderson Graham
Global Navigation Satellite Systems & GPS Technology Sungpil Yoon
Graphic Design & Creative Storytelling Marvin Eans
Greek & Roman Religions in Roman Empire Stamenka Antonova
Greek Language & Literature Hughson Ong
Greek Language & Literature Steve Winiarski
Health Ministry Sharon Hinton
Health & Wellness Kendra Varner
Hebrew Bible Kevin O'Brien
Hebrew Language & Literature Moa Imchen
Hinduism / Indology David Cashin
History: US and World Michael Price
History of Religion Stamenka Antonova
Historical Theology Jonathan Huggins
Homeland Security Wilton Gleaton
Hospice & Palliative Care David Simmons
Human Trafficking Issues Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah
Human Trafficking Investigation Kim Miller
Immigrant & Refugee Social Work & Ministry Oliva Owusu-Boakyewaah
Immigration Law Cindy Feng
Immigration Legal Services Carol Olsen
Immigration Studies Gary Fujino
Infectious Disease Torise Orubu
Information Technology Management Rebecca Hudson
Information Technology Management Page Varnell
Intercultural Communication Erik Aasland
Intercultural Education Ma Min
Intercultural Living Phillip Smith
International Business Mission Joseph Kennedy
International Development Cort Miller
International Sports Mission Bill Galipault
Interpreting Services Tom Law
Islamic Culture & Society Brad Roderick
Islamic Theology & History Charles Ramsey
Jesus & Missional Practice Hughson Ong
Jewish-Christian Relations in Antiquity Stamenka Antonova
Judaism / Judaic Studies Kevin O'Brien
Latin American Music Noemi Montiel
Latin American Theology Ehud Garcia
Latin America, Caribbean & Latino Studies Rosa Ore
Law Enforcement Tari Colon
Linguistic Anthropology Erik Aasland
Marine / Marshland Ecology Magdalene Ngeve
Marketplace Ministry Ignatius Meimaris
Medical Mission - Family Practice Nad Tad
Medical Mission - Medical Physiology Roland Wilson
Mental Health Celeste Bryson
Military Ministry Hal Scott
Military & Veteran Health Hal Scott
Missional Collaboration & Networking Karen Hatley
Missional Community Chris Marshall
Missional Community Matthew Murphy
Missional Congregations John Amandola
Missional Congregations Steve Thomason
Missional Ethics Christo Lombard
Missional Evangelization Josephat Rweyemamu
Missional Evangelization & History Curt Watke
Missional Hermeneutics (Interpretation) Vinod John
Missional History Stamenka Antonova
Missional Living / Missional Families Matthew Murphy
Missional Practice - Early Church Fergus King
Missional Practice - End Times Fergus King
Missional Practice - General Epistles Fergus King
Missional Practice - Jesus Hughson Ong
Missional Practice - Old Testament Matthew Michael
Missional Practice - Pauline Theology Fergus King
Missional Reading - New Testament Hughson Ong
Missional Reading - Old Testament Matthew Michael
Missional Theology Ehud Garcia
Missional Theology Josephat Rweyemamu
Moral Formation Christo Lombard
Moral Theology Christo Lombard
Multiethnic Ministry John Amandola
Multihousing Ministry Ronnie Cox
Multilingual Communication Tom Law
Music Composition Travis Doucette
Music Education & Theory Paul Hill
Music Theory Garfield Harvey
New Religious Movements John Marriott
New Testament Mission Fergus King
New Testament Mission Hughson Ong
Nonprofit Administration Froswa' Booker-Drew
Old Testament Mission MatthewMichael
Oral Culture & Tradition Erik Aasland
Orality & Oral Cultures Paul Koehler
Organizational Leadership - Business as Mission Ignatius Meimaris
Organizational Leadership - Business Administration Melinda Whitman
Organizational Leadership - Communities of Practice Karen Hatley
Organizational Leadership - International Business Mission Joseph Kennedy
Organizational Leadership - Nonprofit Administration Froswa' Booker-Drew
Pastoral Care Wes Cohoon
Pastoral Care Wayne Rhodes
Political Ethics Greg Kame
Psychology - Criminal Justice Tari Colon
Psychology - Forensic Cindy Feng
Psychology - General Karl Taylor
Psychology - Rehabilitation Counseling Amanda Graham
Psychology & Theology Wayne Rhodes
Public Safety Wilton Gleaton
Race & Religion Celucien Joseph
Reconciliation Studies - Conflict & Race Alemayehu Mekonnen
Reconciliation Studies - Global South Christo Lombard
Reconciliation Studies - Global North  
Reconciliation Studies - Middle East  
Reconciliation Studies - Theology & Religion Matthew Farlow 
Refugees and Resettlement Gary Fujino
Rehabilitation Counseling Amanda Graham
Religion - Anthropology of Erik Aasland
Religion - Anthropology of Samuel Dira
Religion - Art History Stamenka Antonova
Religion - Comparative Kevin O'Brien
Religion - Geography of  
Religion - History of Stamenka Antonova
Religion - Phenomenology of Wayne Rhodes
Religion - Philosophy of John Marriott
Religion - Psychology of Wayne Rhodes
Religion - Sociology of Darryl Tukufu
Religion - Theology of Kevin O'Brien
Scriptwriting & Ethnodrama J L Guerriero
Scriptwriting & Storytelling Jeff Smith
Social Ethics Christo Lombard
Social Media in Ministry  
Social Media in Mission Phillip Smith
Social Theology Greg Kame
Social Theology Christo Lombard
Social Work & Ministry - Addiction and Recovery Scott Dixon
Social Work & Ministry - Family Studies Ken Larimore
Social Work & Ministry - Family Studies Tiffany Boykin
Social Work & Ministry - Healthcare Scott Dixon
Social Work & Ministry - Immigrant Communities Olivia Owusu-Boakyewaah
Social Work & Ministry - Mission Scott Dixon
Social Work & Ministry - Practice & Research Dana Knighten
Social Work & Ministry - Senior Adults Debra Newell
Sociolinguistics Ma Min
Spirituality - History of Christian Spirituality Jonathan Huggins
Spirituality - Missional David Brazzeal
Spirituality - Postmodern Chris Marshall
Spirituality - Spiritual Warfare Kennedy Adarkwa
Sports Mission & Management Bill Galipault
Storytelling - Biblical Paul Koehler
Storytelling - Digital Marvin Eans
Storytelling - Documentary Rick Beeman
Storytelling - Infographics  
Storytelling - Screenwriting Rick Beeman
Storytelling - Scriptwriting J L Gueriero
Storytelling - Scriptwriting Jeff Smith
Studio Art Ceci Mengyin Wang
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Ma Min
Theology & Culture Terry Coy
Theology - African Greg Kame
Theology - African American Celucien Joseph
Theology - Asian Vinod John
Theology - Contextual Steve Thomason
Theology - Ecotheology Alexander Breitkopf
Theology - Latin American Ehud Garcia
Theology - Messianic Kevin O'Brien
Theology - Missional Ehud Garcia
Theology - Moral Christo Lombard
Theology of Beauty Matthew O'Reilly
Theology of Communication & Media Matthew Farlow
Theology of Community & Society Greg Kame
Theology of Diaspora Ehud Gracia
Theology of Hospitality & Presence Vinod John
Theology of Illness & Healthcare Thomas Grafton
Theology of Possessions & Poverty Greg Kame
Theology of Race & Ethnicity Celucien Joseph
Theology of Restorative Justice Greg Kame
Theology of Sport Matthew Farlow
Theology of Storytelling Matthew Farlow
Theology of the Body Matthew O'Reilly
Theology of Work and Vocation Vinod John
Unreached People Groups Karen Hatley
Unreached People Group Research Drake Sprague
Urban Ecology Deborah Hersha
Urban Mission Sean Benesh
Urban Mission - Community Development Bethany Harris
Urban Mission - Strategy Development Phillip Smith
Urban Sociology Darryl Tukufu
Urban Theology Sean Benesh
Urban Youth Ted Travis
Visual Media & Design - Digital Publishing & Typography  
Visual Media & Design - Graphic Design Marvin Eans
Visual Media & Design - Studio Art Ceci Mengyin Wang
Web Development Rebecca Hudson
World Christian Movement Karen Hatley
Worship Studies - Directing & Planning Noemi Montiel
Worship Studies - Multicultural Worship Garfield Harvey
Worship Studies - Praise Band Scott Bennett
Worship Studies - Songwriting & Arranging Travis Doucette
Worship Studies - Theology of Worship Matthew O'Reilly