Online Associate Degree Programs

Missional University's online associate degree programs provide students with a solid foundation in areas of study that are in high demand among faith-based non-profits, community service agencies, and other organizations. Education at Missional University facilitates the student's discovery of their purpose, expands their passion, and equips them to join the mission of Godin the world.

The global, international, faculty at Missional University, who are experienced practitioners in their fields, continually update their academic instruction using the best online instructional practices today. Over 90% of the faculty have doctoral degrees in their fields.

Our eight-week online course format has been proved to be the most effective in delivering distance education. Students have the flexibility to work on their assignments anytime 24/7 while interacting with their professor and other students from across the world. Students receive guidance from a student success specialist who helps plan an individualized pathway of required and elective courses that lead to graduation in a timely manner.

On the right is a list of areas of study within the associate degree programs. Take time to explore possibilities. Then apply or contact our admissions team for individualized help in planning your path to missional service.


Associate Program Overview 

Associate programs offer lower division courses at the 1000 and 2000 level (freshman and sophomore equivalent).

Number of Credit Hours Required for Graduation:   60 - 78

Number of Courses Required for Graduation:  20 - 26

For Cost per Credit Hour & Total Cost of MU Enrollment including Fees see the tuition page.


Associate Degrees Offered at Missional University

A.COM.:  Associate of Communication

A.C.M.:  Associate of Community Ministry

A.I.S.:  Associate of Intercultural Studies

A.MIN.:  Associate of Ministry

A.EMIS:  Associate of Ecomissiology

A.REL.:  Associate of Religion

A.T.S.:  Associate of Theological Studies