Tracey Carrillo, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Rangeland & Wildlife Ecology
Agricultural Sustainability Specialist
International Experience: Mexico, Philippines & USA


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Agronomy, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
  • Master of Science, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
  • Bachelor of Science, Rangeland Management/Wildlife Sciences, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Normalized difference vegetative index, arthropod density, water and nitrogen interactions in Acala 1517-99 cotton, Gossypium Hirsutum (L)

Master of Science Thesis

  • The effects of predators and parasites on the house fly, Musca domestica L., at southern New Mexico dairies

Academic Experiences

  • Administrator, Assistant Director of Campus Farm Operations, New Mexico State University, Agricultural Experiment Station, Las Cruces, NM
  • Faculty, Director of Seed Certification Program, New Mexico State University, Extension Plant Sciences, Las Cruces, NM
  • Senior Research Specialist, New Mexico State University, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science Department, Las Cruces, NM
  • Research Specialist, New Mexico State Agricultural Experiment Station, Clovis NM
  • Graduate Research Assistant, New Mexico State University Veterinary Entomology Research Laboratory
  • Research Technician, Texas A&M Agricultural Experiment Station, Ft. Stockton Texas
  • Range Conservationist, Soil Conservation Service, Alpine Texas
  • Rangeland Instructor, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas

Teaching Specializations

  • Plant and Environmental Science
  • Agricultural Sustainability
  • Ecological and Biological Influencers
  • Rangeland and Wildlife Studies

Professional Experiences

  • John Deere Quality Implement Precision Farming Integrated Solution Manager
  • Co-Owner, New Mexico Shrimp Co, LLC
  • Litigation Expert, Proagconsultants

Invited Poster / Seminar Presentations

  • Chile Field Day Leyendecker Plant Science Center”Precision Variable Rate Fertilizer Applications” 2006.
  • Beltwide Cotton Conference San Antonio, Texas. “Normalized Difference Vegetative Index, Arthropod Density and Water / Nitrogen Interactions in Irrigated Acala 1517-99 Cotton, Gossypium hirsutum (L).” 2006.
  • New Mexico Cotton Conference. Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilizer Application with Precision Technology. Ruidoso, NM 2006.
  • National Beltwide Cotton Conference, New Orleans, LA.  Poster presented. “Associations of Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI), Arthropod Density, Plant Architecture and Agronomic Diversity in Acala 1517 Cotton”2005.
  • New Mexico Crop Production Association Meeting. Ruidoso, New Mexico. Poster presented. “Reducing insecticide, nitrogen and water use in western cotton production with precision agriculture” 2005.
  • Regional Cotton Conference. Ruidoso, New Mexico. Paper entitled “Using infrared Reflectance to Measure Water / Nitrogen Deficits and Lygus Density in Acala 1517 Cotton” 2005.
  • Southwest Entomological Society meeting. Paper entitled “Interactions Associated with Normalized Differential Vegetative Index, Arthropod Density and Water / Nitrogen Reponses in Acala 1517-99 Cotton, Gossypium Hirsutum (L). 2005”
  • Issue of ACRES magazine. Vol. 35, NO. 3, “New Weapons in the Insect War”. Developments & Discoveries in Biocontrol. Agricultural Field Day, 2005.

Refereed Publications

  • Carrillo, T., J. Drake, J. Pierce, and J. Ellington. 2007. Nitrogen as a contributor to phytophagous insect density in Acala cotton 1517-99, Gossypium hirsutum (L).  J. Crop Management.
  • Carrillo, T., Drake, J. and Ellington, J. 2007. Interactions Associated with Normalized Difference Vegetative Index, Arthropod Density and Water / Nitrogen Responses in Acala Cotton 1517-99, Gossypium hirsutum (L). Southwest. Entomol. (Submitted).
  • Carrillo, T., J. Lillywhite, J. Drake, J. Pierce, and J. Ellington. 2007. An economic approach to fertilizer management on cotton and its effects on Lygus density. J. of Econ. Entomol.
  • LaRock, D.R., Z. Mirdad, and J.J. Ellington.  2003.  Control of green peach aphids Myzus persicae with lady beetles Harmonia axyridis (Pallus) on chile Capsicum annum L. in the greenhouse.  Southwest. Entomol. Pp. 28:249-253.
  • Pierce, J.B., J.J. Ellington, E. Kirk and T. Carrillo.  2002.  Plant population, planting date and cotton variety impact on early squaring and development of a trap crop for pink bollworm (Lepidoptera:  Noctuidae).  J. Entomol. Sci. 37:219-226.
  • Bowers, J.P., Carrillo, T.D., Ellington, J.J., Richman, D.B. 1997. Recovery of Apanteles angaleti (Muesebeck) from Pectinophora Gossypiella (Saunders) in the Mesilla Valley, Dona Ana, New Mexico. Southwestern Entomologist. 23:91-92.
  • Joe Ellington, Morris Southward, Tracey Carrillo. 1997. Association Among Cotton Arthropods. Environmental Entomol. Pest Management and Sampling. Vol. 26, no. 5.
  • Carrillo, J.R., T. D., Carrillo, and J.J., Ellington. 1994. Evaluation of pesticide resistance in Anaphes iole collected from five locations in the western United States. Southwest. Entomolo.19: 157- 160.
  • Ellington, J.J., Carrillo, T.D., Larock, d. and Abd-Elsalam, A.H. 1994. Biological control of pecan insects in New Mexico 1994. Hort. Technology pg. 126-130.

Proceedings / Bulletins / Circulars

  • Carrillo, T., Idowu, J., Ashigh, J., and Hamilton, C. 2011. Pesticide and Integrated Pest Management Guidelines for New Mexico Cotton Growers. Institute for Energy & the Environment.
  • Ellington, J.J., T. Carrillo, J. White, C. Sutherland, and D. Richman.  2005.  Guide to the biological control of some common yard and garden pest insects in New Mexico.  New Mexico Circular 607.
  • Richman, D.B., J. Drake, T. Carrillo, and J.J. Ellington. 2005.  A color key to the common spiders found in alfalfa and cotton in New Mexico.  New Mexico Circular.
  • Ellington, J.J. and T. Carrillo.  2003.  Black Aphid Control.  XXXVIV Annual Western Pecan Conference Proceedings.
  • Ellington, J.J. and T. Carrillo.  2002.  Integrated biological control of cotton insets in New Mexico.  International Cotton Pest Work Committee.  Mazatlan, Mexico.  Proceedings.
  • Carrillo, T.D., D. LaRock, A.H. Abd El-Salam, J.J. Ellington. 1994. Evaluation of beneficial insects for control of pecan pests. 28th Western Pecan Conference Proceedings.
  • Carrillo, T.D., J.J. Ellington. 1994. Sampling, counting and modeling insect populations in cotton ecosystems. XXIX Congreso Nacional De Entomologia Proceedings. Monterry, Mexico.
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  • Ellington, J.J., A. Amin., Z.,Sawiers. T.D., Carrillo. 1994. A comparison of three sampling methods for arthropods in cotton in New Mexico. Proceedings for National Cotton Council Beltwide Conference in San Diego.
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  • Richman, D.B., Dean, D.A., Carrillo, T.D., Ellington, J.J., Sarabia and Schneider, P.K. A computer- aided key to the spiders in Egyptian cotton fields. American Arachnological Society National Meeting. University of Florida. 1994.

Membership in Professional & Academic Organizations

  • World Aquaculture Association 2014-present
  • New Mexico Aquaponics Association 2014-2016
  • Alfalfa Hay Growers Association, 1998-present
  • Chile Growers Association 1996- present
  • Sigma-Xi Scientific Society, 1998 – present.
  • Pecan Growers Association, 1990 – present
  • Cotton Growers Association 1990 – present
  • Board of Directors, Cowboys for Cancer Research, 2003-present
  • Hope Centers International 2013-present
  • Member of the Board, 4-H rodeo, 2015