Jack Ballard, PhD

Dean, School of Creative Expression
Senior Professor of Ethnomusicology
Jazz Composition Specialist
International Experience: Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, Ecuador, France, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, US





  • Doctor of Philosophy, Music Theory & Composition, Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • Master of Music, Music Theory, Composition & Conducting, Eastern Washington University,  Cheney, WA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Music Education, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Part 1 Hyperextended Tones; Part II The Castle: A Ballet.

Master Thesis

  • Concerto No. 1 for Piano, Orchestra, and Jazz Continuo


Academic Experiences

  • Visiting Professor of Music, Fulbright Scholar in Research and Teaching, Daystar University, Athi River, Kenya
  • Professor of Music, Malone University, Canton, OH
  • Department Chair, Malone University, Canton, OH
  • Adjunct Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Durango, CO
  • Assistant Professor of Music, Greenville College, Greenville, IL


Professional Experiences

  • Owner/Operator, Kiwibird Creative Services, Durango, CO / Alliance, OH
  • Featured Speaker/Workshop Leader in Production and Songwriting, SAPSE evaluator, Contemporary Music Center, Martha’s Vineyard/Nashville, TN
  • Featured Speaker, Wheaton College, International, Improvisation, Institute, Black Hills, SD
  • A-list keyboards, vocal, production, studio manager, Redcliffe Sound Studio, Durango, CO
  • Jazz band commissions, North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • Producer, engineer, Board of directors, Chocolate Jazz, Parkersburg, WV
  • A-list Contract Orchestrator, Big Idea Productions, Franklin, TN
  • Artist, Arranger and Producer, Whitewater Records, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Production, Technology, Music and Drama, First Baptist Church, Durango, CO
  • Composing and arranging, Instrumental (Orchestra, Jazz Band, Ensembles) Directing, Conducting, Perimeter Church, Duluth, GA


Teaching Specializations

  • Music Technology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Musical Sciences
  • Composition
  • Production
  • Music Business
  • Film Writing and Editing
  • Multimedia (drama, music, visual arts, dance, film)


Applied Skills

Professional-level performance ability (studio and symphonic) on:

  • Piano, Keyboards, MIDI and Computer-assisted Music
  • Vocal (All styles)
  • Bass guitar (All styles)
  • Percussion (mallets, timpani, Latin, all styles)
  • Percussion programming

Amateur-level performance ability on:

  • Guitar (acoustic finger/rhythm)
  • French Horn (Standard Band and Chamber repertoire)
  • Flute (Classical/Baroque chamber repertoire level)
  • Trumpet, Trombone (Grade 4 Jazz Band level)
  • Upright (String) Bass (Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Swing level)

Technology Proficiency:

Digital Audio (Logic Audio, Protools, Digital Performer, Max/MSP, Mackie d8b, etc.), Digital Video (Cube, Final Cut), Notation (Sibelius, Logic, Finale), Studio Automation (analog, controller, and digital), Digital and Analog Recording Equipment, Sound Reinforcement, MIDI Automation, Sample and DAW Editing, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, basic Excel, Macintosh OS and basic networking, Limited DOS/Windows analysis.


Publications: Books and Book Chapters

  • Principles of Music: Harmony, Rhythm, Melody and Form for the Working Musician (NSS Press, 2012)
  • Devotions for Outdoor Adventures… (2008) Wiggins, L., Harris, J, & Garascia, A., Illustrations by Jack Ballard. Create Space.
  • Rock Dance (novel, Casperian Books, 2008)
  • And Now For a Story “In Pace Requiescat” (contributing author, Capserian Books, 2009)
  • Avenues of Vision (rep. by Hartline Literary Agency, 2008)


Publications: Academic Papers and Articles

  • Response to NASM Committee Action Report (writer 2015)
  • Report on Evaluation Visit for Greenville College Music Department
  • Response to NASM Committee Action Report ((writer/editor)
  • Harmonic Permutations of Chordal Klang (2014)
  • Complex Chord Systems Using Harmonic Permutations Matrices (2013)
  • Optional Response to NASM Committee Action Report (Writer, 2013)
  • Malone University Music Department Self-Study (Writer, submitted for NASM accreditation, 2012)
  • “An Analysis of ‘Little Blue Devil’ from Seven Sketches on Paintings of Paul Klee by Gunther Schuller,” 2010
  • “Grappling with Scholarship and Biblical Truth.” CCCU Advance, Fall, 2011.
  • Continuity: The Paradox of Sectional Cadences, 2010
  • “Not That Music.” Covenant Companion, 1994.
  • Screenplay: The Devil’s Brush (optioned by Boulevard Pictures, 2005)
  • Short: In Pace Requiescat (short story, “Now For a Story” anthology, Casperian Books, 2008)



  • Assessing Experiential Education (presented at College Music Society Great Lakes, 2015)
  • Between Confidence and Arrogance: The Razor’s Edge for the Performing Artist (presented at Kuyer’s Institute conference, October 2013)
  • Blues Intonation in an Equal-Tempered Worldview (presented at Ben Johnston Colloquia, Wayne State University, March 13, 2010)
  • Navajo Gospel: A Struggle in Faith, Culture and Style (2007 Malone College Faculty Summer Grant, presented at the Society of Ethnomusicology, Oct 25, 2008)
  • Hyper-Extended Chords and Approach Tones in Composition and Improvisation (IAJE International Convention, Jan 8, 2008)
  • Raising Emotion in the Heroic Film (on film scoring; LAFSC/CCCU Conference, Oct, 2006)
  • Comparisons of Performance Techniques in Baroque and Jazz Cultures (Nordic Musicological Conference, 2002, accepted)


Selected Films and CDs

  • 2012 Scoring for “Witnesses” a film by Curt Cloninger and Tucker Hollingsworth
  • 2011 Scoring for “Bea,” a film by Andrew Rudd
  • 2008 Scoring for “Leaves,” a film by Jake Thomas
  • 1996 Scoring for “The Final Season” requested spec
  • 1996 Scoring and video editing/post-production for “Adventure,” “Covenant Heights,” “Outdoor Education,” CHCC
  • CD: Sigh As You Close the Book (Mourning to Dancing), producer, writer and musician (September, 2014)
  • CD: Midnight Cruise (David Wells), producer, musician, and writer (September, 2010)†
  • CD: Friday Afternoon (David Wells), “Great Mystery,” (Nuance Records, 2008)†
  • CD: Long Time Coming (Whitewater Records, 2003)* CD: Common Vision (Kiwibird Music, 1994/2007)*
  • CD: The Psalms (Kiwibird Music, Sonic Chaos Publishing, Released on REX Music, 1994)*†
  • CD: Coal, Water and Steel, (Gary Cook and Jack Ballard) (Redcliff Sound, 2006)
  • CD: Mountain Songs (Gary Cook, Redcliff Sound, 2005)
  • Downloads: “Emmanuel” and “Good King Wenceslas” (David Wells, 2010)†
  • *headliner †nationally/internationally released


Membership in Academic & Professional Societies

  • College Music Society
  • Society of Ethnomusicology
  • Alliance Symphony Orchestra
  • Society of Composers
  • Society of Composers and Lyricists
  • Chocolate Jazz Education Foundation
  • International Association for Jazz Education
  • Jazz Education Network
  • Evangelical Covenant Church of America
  • La Plata County Search and Rescue



  • English (native speaker)
  • Swahili - Limited, functional in-country
  • Spanish, Limited conversational
  • German, Limited, functional in-country
  • Italian, Limited