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Welcome to the Academic Leadership Team

Dr. Stephen Hague
Chief Academic Officer
Focus:  Academic Affairs

Dr. Carol Olson
Academic Dean
The Missional College
Focus: Navigating Cultures

Dr. Mary Ann Hawkins
Academic Dean
School of Missional Practice
Focus:  Living Life as Mission

Academic Dean
School of Community Ministry
Focus: Transforming Communities

Dr. Jack Ballard
Academic Dean
School of Creative Expression
Focus:  Communicating Creatively

Dr. Stephen Latham
Academic Dean
School of Ecological Mission
Focus:  Caring for Creation

Dr. Kerry McRoberts
Academic Dean
School of Theological Studies
Focus:  Theological Mission

Academic Dean
School of Experiential Learning
Focus:  Reflective Action

Sarah Ashley, M.S., M.Ed.
Dean of Online Education
Instructional Technology
Focus: Course Development

Dr. Steve Winiarski
Academic Dean
School of Professional Education
Focus:  Continuing Education

Dr. Melinda Whitman
Director, Academic Effectiveness
Focus:  Assessment

Dr. Paula Whittaker Watkins
Director, Dual Enrollment Academy
Focus:  Administration