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Graduate Certificate in Missional Praxis

The Graduate Certificate is at the Master's level and requires a Bachelor's degree prior to enrolling.

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Jesus sends all of his followers into the world to serve in the mission of God. Christian believers have the privilege of joining that mission – working alongside God in his work in our world. And God designed each of us for a unique mission to impact those around us. But how can we know what our mission is and how can we understand what God is calling us to do?

Upon completing the Graduate Certificate in Missional Praxis, you will be able to discern God at work in your neighborhood and community and have the skills and resources to follow Jesus into your world as a messenger of hope, healing, restoration, and renewal.

The Graduate Certificate in Missional Praxis answers five questions:

• What is the mission of God in our world, and what is my role in it?
• How do I grow spiritually, help other Christians to grow spiritually, and join other believers in engaging my community?
• How do I share my faith in a conversational, non-confrontational way?
• How do I equip my family to embody the message and image of Jesus in my community?
• How do I live out my unique calling from God and equip other believers to do the same?

The certificate consists of 15 credit hours. It may be completed in as little as 10 months (during 5 eight week academic terms) or may be spread out over 24 months.

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An investigation of the biblical theology of mission. The student will analyze three distinct but interrelated areas: The biblical and theological foundations of mission; the Kingdom of God as the theme of mission; and progressive revelation throughout salvation history. The student will be able to construct his/her own mission theological framework.  Read more

Students will assess different approaches to integrating spirituality with missionality in current and past literature. They will explore various forms of spiritual development and soul-care that encourage participants in both their spiritual depth and missional practice. Students will experience creative spiritual practices and develop customized spiritual development plans for their missional context.  Read more

Knowing the people to whom you are called is essential to the process of developing missional ministry. In this class you will develop a full ethnography incorporating both worldview and anthropological insights for the purpose of launching mission amongst unreached and least reached people groups   Read more

When God started his narrative of redemption for humanity through Israel, he called Abram and his family and put them on mission together. The goal of this course is to provide the framework of how God is continuing to use the family as a primary community to embody his message and image to local neighborhoods.    Read more

Students evaluate ways in which a theological understanding of redemption, reconciliation, restoration, and renewal shape the Christian believer's everyday missional practice. They will explore various forms of disciplemaking that lead to equipping believers to follow Jesus and serve in various facets of the mission of God in the world. The course envisions living missionally in context through culture care, spiritual care, social care, creativity care, creation care, and thought care. Emphasis is placed on developing disciplemaking processes that produce missional believers who embrace the renewal of all things -- spiritual reconciliation with God, restoring the environment, transforming communities, and renewing cultures by offering a God-centered, holistic understanding of the gospel.    Read more